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With tattoos being so in right now, more and more people are getting their bodies covered in ink.
So if you are considering to get a tattoo and if you have some extra money, why not get a bit fancy and go for one of the below..
If you are a fan of heavy metal do not get intimidated by Booth’s look and go get a tattoo!
Not a big fan of photos himself, Anil Gupta is known for his realistic portraits and also tribal inspired tattoos.

Tagged: henna, tattoo, henna artist, michigan, tumblrize, all girls prom, hamtramck, henna tattoo, new york times, . Considering the amount of money the tattoo artists we are going to talk about, we can say that they are the best!
If you want to get a tattoo by Paul Booth book two years in advance and be prepared to pay $300 for an hour!
Charging $45o per hour, Gupta is very good with patters and designs, being also able to tattoo paintings made by da Vinci or Dali.

Co-owner of Love Hate Tattoos in Miami, he is reported to have a net worth of $5.1 million.
His list of celebrity clients includes Sting, Robert Downey Jr., Orlando Bloom, Marc Jacobs and others.

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