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So now, in best online photo Storage, we are going to tell you how to delete your iPhone photos from your camera, so that you can have some space in your iPhone for other purposes also. We know that most of our readers are tech guys and girls, who don’t need such basic things to get.
Before you go for the steps below, just back up your photos anywhere in your iPhone or somewhere else.
Under this, if you don’t have so many photos in your iPhone photos folder, or if you want to delete some specific photos, you can do it manually in the iPhone photos app. If you have so many photos to delete manually under best online photo Storage, you can remove them all in just one shot in the Settings in your iPhone, under best online photo Storage. Step 3: Then Swipe you finger to the left under “Camera Roll” to delete all you iPhone photos. Whenever you have to download any big app, you need to keep photo stream on and off many times and when you don’t have enough space.
From letting you review your images before they’re printed to automatically reducing “red eye,” digital photography has given us a lot. For many of us, using an online photo storage service makes a lot of sense—these services are free or cheap, and they offer organization and sharing options to make our lives easier.
Whatever option you choose, make sure you have your photos in more than one location (either to one of these photo sites or a similar service). If you’ve already got an Amazon Prime subscription (which runs $99 per year), have we got some news for you: You’re already qualified for Amazon Prime Photos! Once you’re logged in, Amazon Prime Photos automatically organizes your shots chronologically, though you can also opt to organize them by personal preference. Apple’s iCould Photo Library is all about organization, so if you’re the type who like to get granular with his or her photo collection, this is the service for you.
One of the few drawbacks is that iCloud Photo Library isn’t very large: You only get 5GB of free storage if you opt for the free service, though you can quadruple that storage for just $1 per month. Yahoo’s Flickr has been a big name in photo storage for years, due to its flexibility, options, and the largest free storage capacity of all the big boys.
For no charge, Google Photos offers real-time backup of what you shoot on your phone, plus virtually unlimited storage.
While the web interface is nice and straightforward, Google Photos’ “assistant” feature automatically groups shots based on date and location, but you can also search your photos for specific objects, animals, or scenery. Cloud Storage can mean different things to IT specialists, depending on how that specialist implements this technology.
A Cloud Storage provider generally operates a storage infrastructure, many times in locations that are dispersed. Simply put, Cloud Storage is a way of backing up, managing and maintaining data which can be accessed by many users over one network, like the Internet. Cloud Storage can offer individuals and small companies an inexpensive data storage facility without the cost of purchasing their own servers.
Since individual data storage servers requires a lot of space, you save the cost of a larger work space and lets you use that area for a growing business, instead of the growing amount of data you will accumulate. One other benefit of Cloud Storage is that it can be provided with just as much security features as your personal data servers can provide and, sometimes, even more security features.
Since Cloud Storage is still considered a new technology, there will always be discussions about the problems found with this service. There are many ways of using Cloud Storage by individuals or businesses, whether you choose to use private or public cloud storage.
Next way to use Cloud Storage is to back up any data (movies, pictures, videos, documents, etc.). You can allow access to clients or employees around the world, which is safer than sending that data through the worldwide web. Many other Internet users and businesses are using Cloud Storage providers for security reasons. You can use Cloud Storage for different reasons, but you will save space, money and secure your information better through a provider. And if you have a lot of iPhone photos in your device and want to reduce the amount of storage space they cover, there is a way to do it simply and quickly, for back up your photos i.e best online photo Storage for iphone Photos. And once you take the back up in your desktop or in your laptop, you can easily delete them from your iPhone. And you have more space to add apps, movies, music and whatever you want to store in your ioS device. One big drawback: How do you create order from the hundreds (OK thousands) of digital images in your possession? Back in the days of film, people could lose decades of photos in a fire or natural disaster.
This means you have unlimited photo storage as well as space for 5GB of video or non-photographic images—PDFs and the like. One knock against the decidedly no-frills service is there doesn’t seem to be any easy way of searching through your photos, though there are of course available apps for PC, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire so that you can upload, download, view, and search. For no charge, Flickr offers you 1TB (1 terabyte), which is enough to host half a million shots. One caveat: Your larger photos are automatically compressed to a 16-megapixel resolution and all videos are compressed to 1080p. You can even search photos via Google’s facial recognition features with impressive, dare we say frightening, accuracy.
Acquired last spring by Canon, LifeCake is a private storage and sharing platform designed with parents in mind, letting you organize your pix and videos into a shareable timeline.
By partnering with leading retailers, mobile carriers and pay-tv providers, we help customers enhance their lives through their technology. Because storage can be expanded without limit, most people think that these providers have a large infrastructure. Loosely coupled formats are tied together by a file storage that is global with storage features being executed individually.
This access can be done anywhere in the world and shared with every authorized Internet user. The data is stored off-site and properly secured, which is required by many small companies, as well as individual business people. Instead of paying for more servers to hold your every-increasing data and then paying for more space to install those personal servers, you can pay a Cloud Storage provider less funds for an unlimited storage area.
You can limit the people that are authorized to access your Cloud Storage data or make that completely public, but you control that access. You can increase the storage area of you own servers by placing a large chunk of archived data into a Cloud Storage provider.
This comes in handy when your equipment fails, gets hacked or you pick up a virus that prevents you from accessing your equipment.
In fact, it is one of the safest ways to share, store, back up and access information that is required.
Moreover, you can still see the last up to 1000photos right on you iPhone through photo stream. Today, if your photos are backed up in the cloud, even an everyday disaster like a dead hard drive won’t be a problem.

If you don’t have a Prime subscription, the same Unlimited Photos plan costs just $12 per year.
Zoom all the way out to the “year” view before jumping month to month, or group them by geographical location and see your photos plotted on a map.
For those interested in divvying up their digital photos by category, Flickr’s got you covered (though critics say the interface can be confusing), and even allows you to group, tag, comment on, and share your pix on social media. You can also caption each image or create slideshows set to music from your device, and only those you invite to come look can do so. It means storage capacity which can be access through a public network, like the Internet, or WAN (Wide Area Network). Many developers have stayed focused on how easy Cloud Storage is to manage and scalability. Tightly coupled formats are storage areas that are similar which are combined together to form one file system, or storage area.
The service offers everyone that subscribes to a provider with instant access to all their data from anywhere and at anytime.
Even though there have been attempts to break into Cloud Storage providers, you hear more about stolen information from private servers.
You save on equipment, storage space and can have secured access whenever you want from anywhere in the world, so can your employees. This will increase the space you may require to update your current applications or software.
Instead, you can go get new computers and then go online and access all your data without a problem of losing anything. This makes your data more secure than you could actually provide without paying a lot of money in software. For example, if you have information on your home computer, but are out of the office, you can use Cloud Storage and access that same information from any system while traveling because it was uploaded to that providers service center. You can also get the free Flickr app for both iOS and Android to send all your photos to the cloud.
While the first 10GB are free, LifeCake’s unlimited storage option will run you $4.99 per month. Internet users have the capability of expanding the amount of data Cloud Storage can hold without any limitations, but may require you to contact the service provider. Grid architecture has Cloud Storage made with a host of individual servers, then tied together, which acts as a single storage center or manageable point.
The technology that Cloud Storage providers use to secure their centers and servers is continually being developed to protect their members. With Cloud Storage, you can upload the data, or files, then share it with the people you want. The provider can also prevent viruses from corrupting your data, since it is an encrypted data storage center.  Since the service protects this data by encrypting the site, your files will never be susceptible to any viruses, including the news ones that always seem to come out. Flickr also offers a Pro membership for $5.99 per month, which removes ads and offers more organizing options.
This means that these services continue to improve their security technology to enhance the protection or your data. They can then go online to the Cloud Storage provider and retrieve the data themselves when they are ready.
There are many ways to store your photos online (backing them up, storing them in the cloud for easy access etc.) This here is MY method.
This makes everything more convenient and that data will remain in the cloud storage servers until you delete it personally.
There are many interesting statistics on how frequently data is lost in the US and how few people actually think about backup at all. That being said: online photo storage solutions are so much more than pure backups nowadays. You can access your photos wherever you are, doesn’t matter if you’re just on your way to a trip to Europe or sitting in a business meeting.Today’s online photo storage services allow you to store and access your photos on your mobile and from any device you can think of as long as you have Internet access of course. Even if you don’t have Internet access there are some ways where you can always keep the most important photos as a local copy on your computer (with file sync, for example).Yes, I’m paranoid. And I’m not even a professional photographer – so if you somehow earn a living with your pictures you should be at least as paranoid as I am about data loss because your professional career depends on it. Either a virus destroyed all of their files or they just spilled a nice cup of coffee over their precious Macbook Air (believe me, I’ve been there).What we are going to cover in this articleI will talk about my general backup strategy with regards to my photos but it certainly applies to other files I have as well. Nikon D7000 and my 35mm lens I personally own a Nikon D7000 (yes, I’m a Nikon gal) and I love my 35mm lens, it’s just cheap and tack-sharp and…haaahhh…I just love the image quality it produces. I have the first backup in my Nikon camera as I have two SD cards (32GB each) and I have it set on mirroring so that when I take pictures they are saved on each SD card.
If one should fail I’ll always have the second as a fall back so no moment will escape my lens2. Transferring my images onto my computerThe second step after a successful photo tour in transferring those files onto my iMac (yikes, and I’m a proud owner of a 27″ model).
I have sorted my images in a special folder and I try to find theme names for each folder so that I more or less know what it was that I was shooting. That’s my first step before opening Lightroom, iPhoto or anything else that manages my photos. After transferring those files manually to my computer THEN it is time to open Lightroom.3. Lightroom as my main photo management softwareI use Lightroom to manage my photos and to do the heavy lifting in terms of editing the pictures. For fine tuning I still use Photoshop as this provides me with better tools and actions for my images. Backup my Catalogue and the bare image folders locally on my NASI can’t stress enough how much I love having a NAS (Network Attached Storage).
I will just count a few of them here because I don’t want to bore you.I can program my backups to my NAS and have it run around the clock. I think it’s just a thing that you stick with what you’ve started – and I happened to start with a Synology and will most likely stay with them.
The cloud photo storage apps I will present later are compatible for both Windows and Macintosh computers, some do even work for Linux. I personally have no experience with local backup apps on Windows so I do not see myself qualified talking about it here.Carbon Copy Cloner for individual foldersI just LOVE Carbon Copy Cloner for the Mac. So the first thing I do is I add my general “Photos” folder to the “Items to be copied” segment (aka the “Source”). The good thing is Carbon Copy Cloner even shows you hidden files so you can be sure to backup everything you need. The scheduling options are great, I usually schedule my backups once per day at lunch time so the backup process doesn’t eat up my system resources and when it’s done I have it send me an email with a backup report. If you were using iPhoto instead of Lightroom you could also just choose your iPhoto Library and have that backed up to your NAS or external hard drive. So every time you close Lightroom it asks whether you want to backup the library (database) – and you better do!
Of course, you don’t want to bother your neighbor every time you have a new backup copy so the easiest way is to store your files with a cloud storage service.

That way you create a secondary backup (after your local backup) and you keep it off-site away from your main computer which protects those images from natural disasters such as fires, floods, robbery etc. In this article I want to present you with the best options for online photo storage that I’ve tried over the years.
The cloud might not be for everyone but before you judge read over this list and think about it. I’ve vetted a lot of these services and just boiled it down for your in an easily digestible format. I highly advise against using services that do not at least have an SSL encryption when you send files over to their servers because literally anybody could intercept your connection and copy your files.Overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons and you should really consider using a cloud storage solution for your photos. JustCloud is a great service and I cover the pros and cons of this provider in my in-depth review here. I signed up for a 2-year plan and the price goes down a whopping $5 per month, so you’ll end up paying only $4.95.
One being that they charge extra for a lot of things (faster backups, more syncing space) and they market those tiny extras quite aggressively via email.
Some users have also reported that they have been forced into a more expensive business plan once they surpassed the 2TB mark. That means if you have several photos you can sync them amongst your devices, for example your mobile phone and a laptop and a desktop. You just need to login to your account and don’t have to carry all your photos around with you.Photo sharingYou can not only access your photos online but you can also share them with your friends and family. Before enjoying the full potential of JustCloud you need to go into the setting menu and adjust the file size settings.
Apart from the few issues I have with this provider I keep recommending them to my friends and relatives (mainly because I don’t need to give support, hehe). They have vast experience in the backup field because they are one of the leading backup software retailers.
I think it was a smart (and logical) move for them into the cloud and it will most likely be their flagship product soon. So again, that takes away a lot of the worries most people have when signing up for an online storage service. Mhhh, I don’t know…” all that comes to an end if you sign up for Zoolz.Zoolz offers NAS backup! NAS drives are included in the standard plan – so I can finally have an affordable secondary backup solution for my NAS files. Normally, you need to upgrade to the terribly expensive business plans to do backup your mapped drives.Zoolz is very easy to use.
Once you’ve set it up it just runs in the background and won’t eat up all your system resources.So why hasn’t Zoolz made it up to the top of my list?
Well here are a few things that I don’t like:Zoolz uses a storage technique called “cold storage” which basically means it works on top of Amazon Glacier. This cold storage makes it possible to offer unlimited cloud storage for that little money.I can’t share my photos with friends.
Ideally, I should be able to password protect it or even set a download limit for a specific file.Why is Zoolz good for photo storage?First of all, Zoolz is made with Photographers in mind. I already said that I shoot all my photos in RAW uncompressed quality and I want to keep them that way.
Mobile apps allow you to access your files wherever you are and with Flickr’s API you can find many third party apps that will make tagging and organizing your photography a lot easier.DropboxHonestly, who doesn’t know Dropbox?
Dropbox was probably the first company that understood people’s needs of having a pile of files synchronized between devices.
In fact, we own more and more devices, it is quite common that we have one or two cell phones, a laptop and a desktop computer and probably another computer at work. I’m an idea person, so if I have an idea, I need to write it down immediately so that it doesn’t get lost – when I’m commuting the device of choice is my phone or tablet. So I open a new document write down that big idea and I want to be able to access the same document for editing later on my laptop without having to send an email to myself. That was the only solution prior to Dropbox.Dropbox ProsThere are a lot of advantages when using Dropbox for online photo storage.
The syncing algorithm works very well, too.Dropbox ConsOf course, Dropbox isn’t perfect either.
There are a couple of drawbacks that we need to look at: + First off, I wouldn’t consider Dropbox an “online storage” solution. I would have to sign up for a business account and pay hunreds of dollars per month to use that service.
While Dropbox uses server-side encryption I want to encrypt my files BEFORE sending them to other servers. I use the preview feature constantly so adding that would certainly help Dropbox in my ranking.
You can easily archive your quick shots and family pictures at a very low cost (even free if you have less than 2GB) and you can even get more free storage space if you start inviting people.CopyCopy is a fairly new contendor in the cloud storage market. It’s created by the business backup provider Barracuda Networks thus they have a decent infrastructure behind them to provide you with excellent photo storage service.
I like the overall appeal of Copy and the fact that you get 15GB for free and you can get 5GB of free storage when you refer “friends” to Copy. This leads to annoying spam comments on this website and on other forums where I post frequently.
Copy offers basically the same feature set as Dropbox: file sharing, file synchronization are the core features of that service.
If they had an unlimited offer I would certainly consider using it more frequently and possibly store all my photos with them. They also have a decent mobile app where you can preview and download your files to your smartphone or tablet.Final verdict for cloud photo storage servicesAs with all services you buy it depends on what you actually need. If you take a lot of pictures like me and also do shoot RAW, definitely JustCloud is the way to go.
If you’re more the casual photographer who is looking for a safe place for your photos, I can highly recommend Zoolz. If you’re already a Dropbox power user and are happy with your 100GB plan you’re probably better off staying with Dropbox unless you’re looking for a change or are running out of space.
I’ve decided on this order of provider and I’m sure another author will choose a different one. Here is again the current ranking of my favorite cloud photo services:Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. If you're one of those people who prefer simple and easy to use software, Dropbox is undoubtedly the best cloud storage service you can choose. You'll get incredible performance for your money and benefit from unlimited cloud storage space.
We warmly invite you to our Top 10 Chart that we've crafted carefully for our friends and we thought: hey, why not publish our finding on the web!ComparisonStop looking for the right cloud storage service - Use our comparison chart!

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