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When it comes to flower tattoos like an orchid, the choice of colors makes the design more attractive.
While women are the most common candidates for orchid tattoos, some men can reveal their feminine side with them too. This entry was posted in Tattoo Picture and tagged Orchid Tattoos, tattoo picture.Bookmark the permalink. History says that tribal people started the trend of tattooing, be it tribal flower tattoo or any other design and it was started by the tribes of ancient Egypt. This kind of ancient cultural symbolism, deep rooted meaning and its decorative value has made flower tattoos very much in vogue amongst tattoo lovers.
Most of the tribal designs come in black or very dark brown colors along with deep red color. Some of the more popular flowers used by the tribes are hibiscus, lily, rose, daisy, lotus, jasmine etc. It could be tattooed on such as on the top torso, arms, ankle, shoulders, back, lower back, belly area, neck, ear back, etc.
Orchid flower tattoos have generally been associated with women due to the mentality that flowers are normally associated with women.
Orchid tattoos are very colorful and the scrolled stem work in the imagery is almost always shown in a very flowing manner. While some people choose to go for the usual black ink, orchid tattoo looks best with a touch of color on it. A small orchid tattoo placed on a discreet part of the body is not such a bad idea for males. They are the perfect tattoo for women who would like to highlight the sexiest part of them even more.
Be that as it may, evidence says that all tribes across the world used to tattoo their body with all kinds of designs and for various reasons. The tattoos on men were usually to show off their power, vitality and their status in that particular tribe.

Each and every flower that grows on the earth has a beauty of its own, an exclusive color and symbolic value.
You can check out some designs on the net, magazines or at tattoo parlors or get a professional tattoo artist to help you out. With all this properties in mind, it might be quite difficult to select the right tattoo for you.
These tattoos can be very beautiful and charming, especially if they are placed on the best part of one’s body. Some women opt to have the orchid drawn around their bodies, as if it is wrapping them fully with its vine. Each time a person would win a hunt or a war or achieved something in the eyes of the people belonging to that tribe a special tattoo would be inked to proclaim his achievements. Fashions change, trends come and go, designs keep changing according to whims and fancies of people, but flower tattoos maintain their intrinsic value. If you are very respectful of a certain tribe, then you could perhaps read a little about that tribe and what were the flowers used by them. Artists are quite good at extending a flower design into a tribal tattoo design that makes it more mysterious and enticing and unique. If you decided to go for bigger and exotic design, you could tattoo it on the lower back full-back and shoulder areas.
This is to say that they are deep in meaning even though their design can happen to be simple. If you happen to be experiencing such a dilemma, it would be advisable for you to have a few trials before you decide. It has been said since time in memorial that orchids have represented perfection when it is relating to the male species. Hence, more the tattoos, the higher his status.  Some tribes believed that the tattoos protected them from evil spirits and some felt that they could cure certain diseases.
Tribal tattoo designs come in bold dark lines accentuating body shapes and giving a feeling of depth.

Then, you select a flower from that to portray your personality or represent your feeling of oneness with that tribe. Just make sure of the meaning you want to convey, identify a good artist and also make sure that you do not do any misrepresentation of a tribal design. To top it all, Orchid flower tattoos come in very many designs and colors creating a wide range of variety to choose from.
Their popularity comes from the beauty and brightness that they emit once they have been engraved on your body. A temporary incision would give you enough time to be able to decide if you want to keep that particular design or you wish to go for another.
Contrary to the belief that any man sporting Orchid flower tattoos has to be gay, such tattoos can be used to show masculinity.
A touch of other shades like green on leaves, white for highlights, and blue for birds or butterflies are highly welcome as well.
Tribal people were also worshipers of Mother Nature and the five elements.  Plants, leaves and flowers were used by tribes for medicinal purposes, for religious rites and for decoration. The vibrant colors of the flowers along with other tribal designs will make for striking tattoo designs. Decide on the size of the tattoo you would prefer and the placement area before you go to an artist to get your tribal flower tattoo inked.
In the duration before the tattoo starts fading away should be ample time for you to make a decision. Therefore no matter how you look at it, Orchid flower tattoos are a very great choice when it comes to choosing a tattoo. If you happen to still be having problems with choosing the right one, go to the internet and look at the sites that have galleries concerning orchid tattoos.

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