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Published: 31.01.2015. Category: Horse Tattoo Designs

Kelly has a skull and crossbones tattoo that drifts away from the classical image of the skull a little bit, due to the pink bow this skull wears as an accessory. Everybody knows that the image of the skull and crossbones is associated with death and that started off centuries ago, when they were used to mark the entrances of cemeteries in Spain. Another very common use of the skull and crossbones symbol was on the pirates’ Jolly Roger flags which were meant to inspire fear and terror. This symbol of death was also used in wartime by many armies of the world, such as the German army who used to call it “Totenkopf” and wear it on their hats.

Kelly Osborne wanted to give a personal touch to this death symbol, so she added a pink bow to it, making it less fierce. Kelly has a large tattoo on her back with two pink angel wings between which sits the inscription “Je vous aime la maman”, which means “I love you mommy”. Whenever other ships were shown this flag, they had to make room as fast as possible, as the pirates were threatening to murder them.
And added to that, there is even another widely known use for the skull and crossbones, the warning sign placed on containers with poisonous substances, also used to represent death.

Although she regrets her tattoos and wanted them removed, we consider this design quite inspired, so we chose to put it in a temporary form for you.

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