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September 24, 2012 by howtonestforless 86 Comments Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for a sneak peek into my recent projects! With the little bit of overlap, trim the corners back so you can fold around the back of the board. Young American artist Michael Volpicelli specializes in creating detailed portraits of people and animals exclusively out of written words related to them. Using pen and ink, the artist draws personalities that inspire him in hundreds of words related to their lives and the things that made them famous. If you like word art, you’re probably going to love the intricate works of Anatol Knotek and John Sokol. You’ll see a bit of the texture come through which gives it the impression that it was printed on canvas.
Great way to display those cute pics, and I really like the idea of putting them in the laundry room.

And again, thank you for sharing,… I have a question…how to hang the canvas in the wall? After serving in Iraq and suffering a serious back injury, Volpicelli says art helped him recover and now he wants to share his talent with the world. While still in junior high-school, he enrolled in college courses to improve his drawing skills, and even though it wasA nerve-racking being the youngest person in the classroom, he says the experience really helped him flourish as an artist. You can also frame in a 8×10 inch frame if preferred or hang as is (I used double sided tape in my laundry room). I want to do something similar at my kids playroom… Also those canvas are something i can get at walmart?
During college, Michael started attending a fine arts school and an artistic career as an artist seemed like the only logical next step in his life. But then September 11 happened, and instead of pursuing his dream of becoming an artist, he ended up in war-torn Iraq.

But even in this hostile environment, the talented young man couldn’t stay away from art. He started designing certificates of appreciation, and creating works of art for his Sergeant Majora€™s, drill sergeants, and even fellow soldiers. After leaving the Army and suffering a major back injury, Michael Volpicelli used art to help him recover.

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