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You could be standing against the prettiest seaside location, only to have your image turn out a little dull. By using these two features, you can choose to focus on any one element in the photo, such as this couple’s wedding rings. I was able to apply lens flare, warmth and touches of color all in one step by using the Bokeh 4 texture. Vintage Colors 1 as an effect (moving the slider to half way) gave it an even more magical touch. Applying the effect Tin Type 3 changed the photograph into a black and white image reminiscent of eras gone by. With this image, I wanted to create a dappled summery tone, as though the light filtered through the trees. While this image is already so beautiful and dreamy, there’s still one texture you can easily add in order to bring this image to a whole new level–Bokeh! Using the Blur paint tool at full strength, I added the effect everywhere on the image except for the roses in the foreground. Blur Images In Three Easy StepsCreate depth of field, tilt-shift effects & surreal beauty.
Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan is a 1 year plan ($119 a year) that includes Photoshop CC & Lightroom. Apart from vows, dancing, and tear-jerking speeches, there is another thing you can expect…photographs, and lots of them!

To achieve this, I used the Funky Focus tool under the Edit menu and used the target to focus on the couple’s hands with their wedding rings. I wanted to add warmth to this image and decrease the amount of green present, so chose the Color Mixer tool. Light Leaks 9 (found under the Textures menu) gave the image that final touch that it needed to make it appear as though they were dancing in an enchanted forest. I used this same technique with the Soften tool, before using the Sharpen paint tool on the roses. I have been taking photos for 7 years, and I have to say, some of my old photos make me feel ashamed. I adjusted the white balance in Lightroom, then in Photoshop I brightened, sharpened, added a little fall haze to it. But how does one take a few simple photos and turn them into lasting wedding memories, you ask?
Finally, I used the Beautify feature (in the Edit menu) at 50% to add saturation and a hint of contrast to the image, really allowing those colors to ‘pop’!
You wouldn’t want all of your wedding photos to be deliberately blurred like this, but when used on one image it adds an interesting depth of field. They have a super handy tool to select a neutral color and it automatically adjusts the white balance for you. I flag the photos I want to keep and edit in Photoshop, then I click Edit > Select Flagged Photos.

When you flag a favorite in one place, it’s automatically updated everywhere else through Adobe CreativeSync technology. I do think now that I know more about photography and editing, I will like it for the Lightroom option included. Don’t fear, because here are 10 photo editing tips for creating dreamy wedding photos, all made using the super simple BeFunky online Photo Editor. The past two years though I have used Adobe Creative Cloud and it has made a huge impact on my editing.
Use the (W) key to select the white balance selector then find a grey or white area of your photo to pick the correct white balance. The thing I love about the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan is you get all the updates as they come out.
Kenny got it for me 2 years ago as a Christmas present and I have loved using it every since.

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