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In just a few short years, Android has grown from a small project within Google to the most prolific mobile operating system on the planet. The Lifehacker Pack is a yearly snapshot of our favorite, essential applications for each of our favorite platforms.
To-do list managers come in more flavors than Skittles, but one of these three should work for just about everyone. For some reason, many of us are much more comfortable grinding away at tedious tasks if we get to level up.
Finding a decent alternative Twitter client is pretty hard, due to Twitter’s bizarre stance on locking out the developers that make them. Ever since Google replaced Google Talk with Hangouts, the app has been getting incrementally better.
The fact that Google Voice hasn’t been updated in what seems like forever may have caused some to worry a bit, but until Google officially kills the project or merges it with something else, it still has more features for a single service than any competitor.
Pushbullet’s has leaped to the forefront of our app watch list with constant, substantial updates. Calling Google Maps an essential app is a bit of an undersell, as it’s one of the most-used Android apps of all time.
Google Now includes basic weather forecasting, but if you need a little more oomph in your predictions, 1Weather is the app to beat. When Google launched Play Music, we were pretty blown away with how impressive it is as a music service. If you’re not keen on managing your own huge library and would rather just let an algorithm decide your playlist for you, Pandora stands alone.
When it comes to tagging music while you’re out, it still doesn’t get much better than Shazam. Instagram may have started as a place to share pictures of your lunch (I assume), but it’s grown up to include a wide variety of useful features like direct photo and video messaging, and more useful photo editing features. Arguably, there was no more noble purpose to the smartphone revolution than to finally, and with authority answer the question “Where do I know that guy from?” IMDb is useful for more than just trivia, though. Whether you have a limited amount of data or just watch too many movies, sometimes it’s helpful to have some files on your phone directly. Bookmarks are okay for saving the occasional web page that you need to hang on to, but for saving articles to read later, you’ll start to get overwhelmed real fast. Between Amazon’s Kindle app and Google’s Play Books, it’s never been easier to find a way to read books on your phone or tablet. Even saying the words “Google Reader” can be traumatizing to those who still sorely miss our favorite RSS reader. Runkeeper is excellent for runners, but if you’re looking for a more robust health and fitness app, Fitocracy gamifies your entire workout.
Yelp is one of those apps that’s so good at what it does, its name becomes synonymous with the task itself.
Widgets have always been one of Android’s strongest unique features and nowhere is that more apparent than Dashclock. Android has always been pretty customizable, but My Color Screen’s Themer app spawned a whole new array of designs. Most phones can adjust their notification volume with hardware buttons, but it’s usually an all-or-nothing thing. Android doesn’t come with a built in file explorer like desktop operating systems do, but ES File Explorer more than picks up the slack.
Fiddling with your tiny phone when you’re at a full computer is a pain, particularly if you need to access files on your phone. In keeping with the theme of fixing minor annoyances with insanely robust apps, Unified Remote is the yin to AirDroid’s yang. Strictly speaking, Greenify isn’t a root app anymore, but it’s still best when you are rooted. Contrary to what Android’s welcome screens would have you believe, Google doesn’t have a proper backup and restore system out of the box. Amazing new design with an optimised UI and features, streamlined for Android 5.0, Lollipop! Fotor photo editor is a powerful image editor with multiple image editing tools from 100+ photo effects to stylish templates for photo collage. Six photo-taking modes, with features like Grid, Big Button, Burst, Timer, Stabilizer, and Square.
Keep expanding a catalog of additional effects, frames, fonts, stickers, collage templates packs, let your photo editing follow the latest trends and maybe create your own! We now support English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese,Turkish, Indonesian and are actively working on lots more languages!
This is a hand-picked list of free apps we’ve noticed this week while assembling our regular App Deals roundup of new and discounted apps. At the time of the 2013 election, then opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull promised an alternative National Broadband Network that was going to be faster, cheaper and delivered sooner. The Best Image-to-Text App for Android - Lifehacker - Tips and downloads for getting things doneEdit your pictures on the go! Textgram - create cute & fun picture messages with text to share on social networks like Instagram -Picture Decorator HD is really cool, and lets you make cool pictures using cool features like, awesome effects, cool frames, text on pictures etc.UsinInstall Textgram allows you to create cute picture messages along with text with ease and either save to your gallery or share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitpic, Pinerest, Whatsapp, Streamzoo, Picstitch, Instacollage, Instaframe, etc.
Kik Messenger - send free text & picture messages over the Internet - AndroidTappPhoto Editor Camera Loveis a powerful photo editor which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go with no fuss.WI’d love to use this application if everything that was stated is true. Android doesn't have a ton of apps that can turn images into text documents, but of the ones available, Google Goggles is free and does everything it promises to do: copy text from an image and let you paste it anywhere. Get Aviary Make photos beautiful in seconds with stunning filters, frames, stickers, touch-up tools and more. Editors' Note: The "Download Now" link directs you to the Android Market where you must continue the download process. Fotor Photo Editor is a free online designer and editing tool catering to all your photographic and image creation needs!
For our always-updating directory of all the best apps, be sure to bookmark our Android App Directory.

In addition to being a Lifehacker crowd favorite, Any.DO comes with a bunch of sweet extra features.
It can now merge your IM and SMS conversations, supports group messaging, has Google Voice integration, video chat, stickers, and plenty more. Recording your calls, texting over WiFi or your tablet, calling from the desktop, phone call forwarding are all part of Google Voice’s arsenal. What started as an app to send links between your devices now functions as the do-everything bridge between your devices. It’s almost impossible to list all the amazing things Google Now can do (although we’ve tried), but the short list includes voice commands, reminders, travel time, package tracking, and tons more.
Google Maps for Android includes a ton of excellent features like integrated search history, local traffic incidents, and more. The app comes with live-updating widgets, animated radar and cloud cover maps, and plenty of other information that you just don’t get with Google Now. When you get a new Android phone, we highly recommend installing Android Device Manager (among other things).
If you want to bring your own music library, Google lets you upload songs, so if a particular track or artist isn’t included in its subscription, you’re not out of luck.
The service is known for its ability to match users’ tastes reliably with minimal interaction.
You may be able to get many of the same features through a few other apps (see below), but Instagram offers the entire package in one service.
For starters, Snapseed is a pretty powerful photo editor with a ton of handy tools for tweaking your images. It supports time lapse shots, customizing your hardware buttons to perform camera functions, and a horizontal level indicator, on top of the standard suite of photo editing and sharing features, it’s hard to beat. While you may want to make sure you’re on WiFi before you stream the entire new season of Orange is the New Black, the mobile app is a must have for watching movies and TV shows while away from the living room. You can search for showtimes, create lists of movies you want to see, and get notified of new releases. Pocket helps by saving articles in their entirety so you can read come back to them when you have time, even when you’re offline.
Amazon has the advantage in having one of the most robust libraries, as well as a powerful app. However, Feedly stepped up to fill the void and, in many ways, it exceeds what Google ever did. It tracks your runs, offers guided training that provides schedules for workouts and plans specifically designed for the type of health goal you want to achieve, and can even make use of your smart watch, if you happen to have one.
Nova and Apex are both excellent, customizable launchers with copious extra features on top of existing functionality. This widget can display information at a glance like number of unread emails, missed calls, or calendar appointment. This custom launcher provides a much higher degree of control of the look of your phone than other launchers.
With intelligent word prediction, Swype-like gesture input, and cloud sync of custom dictionaries, it’s difficult to find a better typing experience on your phone. Silence takes it to the next level by allowing you to set custom levels for the various forms of volume on your phone based on time of day. You can use it to send voice commands to your thermostat, turn on your lights when you get home, or do just about anything with your voice. It can explore your SD card or internal storage, access your files via FTP, or even manage your Dropbox files in the same app. AirDroid does more than you could possibly ever need, all without ever touching your handset. You can use this app to remotely control your computer over Wi-Fi with your phone or tablet. It monitors your apps and disables any you aren’t using to help save battery (so Facebook can’t drain your battery in the background when you haven’t touched it for hours). Technically, Xposed is a framework that allows users to create their own customized version of Android solely using modules. Strengthen the depth of images with tilt-shift ;Enjoy focal blur magic, strengthen the depth of images with the tilt shift feature. Each week, we collect the latest productivity apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone; all of which are 100 per cent free!
After three years, most analysts and industry experts have been less than satisfied with the results.
It can keep track of your steps, sleep, and activity level, but its best use isn't tracking your activity at all. Many of the mEditors' Note: The "Download Now" link directs you to the Android Market where you must continue the download process.
This application is a comprehensive photo editor anComponents of the IDE Many of the items in the IDE will be explained as needed.
Here you can browse sample code and learn how to build different components for your applications. In our annual Lifehacker Pack for Android, we chose the best, most useful, and most essential apps you could ever need on your phone. Google Keep keeps things simpler and as straightforward as possible, while Wunderlist is packed with great features. However, if you like to stick to Google’s ecosystem, Google Drive offers a bit more flexibility when it comes to integrated apps.
Create habits or repetitive tasks you want to perform and it will give you experience points for completing them.
Individual tabs now show up in Lollipop’s new multitasking interface, you can view tabs open on other devices, and of course, incognito mode.
It even added a complete SMS client, so you can read and reply to text messages from your computer, even if you don’t use a service like Google Voice. It even bumped previous Lifehacker pack app Valet off the list when it added parking spot tracking, making a separate app redundant.

This year, Google’s also made it way easier to send directions to yourself from the desktop.
It may not be for everyone, but if you need more than the most basic weather info, 1Weather is your jam. Google also launched YouTube Music Key, which means if you pay for Play Music, you can listen to YouTube videos in the background, download them for offline playback, and even skip some ads.
You can then find the track on services like Play Music, Spotify, Rdio, and even Amazon Prime. The recently-revamped Google Photos can then manage your massive library, organize into albums, and even perform “visual searches” using some pretty impressive image recognition software. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, however, Google Camera offers many unique, user-friendly features like lens blur, photospheres, and HDR.
Where Netflix doesn’t have what you want, Hulu (which has mercifully dropped the “Plus”) very well may. It supports a wide array of file formats, has a pop-out player so you can watch a video while you do other things, and it can even stream content over local networks. Feedly not only has one of the best news reader apps around, but it has its own ecosystem of clients, so if you don’t like the default interface, you can use Feedly as a backend to sync all your feeds. With a huge library of user reviews, it’s never been easier not only to find your next meal, but know ahead of time whether or not a restaurant is worth your time and money.
The real awesome thing, however, is that you can get extensions to add even more info like battery life, contact shortcuts, or RSS feeds. You can even tie it into your Google Calendar so your phone automatically silences itself if it sees you’re in a meeting. If it’s too complicated for you (and we can’t blame you), IF, the ambiguously-named app from IFTTT makes automation between your Android device and various web-connected services dead simple. The app remotely access everything on your phone via the web browser, even allowing you to read and reply to text messages from your computer. While it does include a virtual trackpad and keyboard, Unified Remote really shines with custom remotes for common apps like Netflix, VLC, Plex, and more.
If you’re not rooted, you can still select a list of apps that you want to hibernate and add a “hibernate all” switch to your home screen, but it’s not nearly as robust without root. The brilliant new effects pack 'Cinematic' & `Mono' will allow you to easily create an authentic and stunning photos with unparalleled ease and effectiveness.
Scenes" feature contains 13 different presets, optimize the brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure to emulate the natural conditions the photograph was taken in. It's as a silent alarm clock, one that gently buzzes you awake and won't wake anyone else in your house or in bed next to you when it's time to get up.
Choosing a "thoughtful" gift might be more selfish than letting your gift recipient choose their own gift. This app allows you to bundle related emails together, snooze emails, or pin them as to-dos.
The unique split view shows you an overview of your month on the top half of your phone with an agenda for the selected day on the bottom half. With Google’s suite of document editing apps to accompany Drive, you may even use both in tandem (as many of us do). If you want to try an alternative (and don’t mind jumping through Twitter’s annoying token limit hoops), Falcon Pro is still a pretty decent choice.
Even if you don’t text often, it’s super handy for sending files or information from one machine to another.
Spotify, on the other hand, excels by having a free, ad-supported option for the desktop, as well as a ton of excellent features.
It will also show you music videos, lyrics, and discography information for tracks where available. The overlap between the two services’ libraries are so minimal that it’s sometimes worth it to have both. Fortunately you can buy books from whatever store you choose and read them in one place, so you can pick your reader based on the features you need, rather than the book library. If you’re ready to step beyond basic fitness tracking, Fitocracy is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Both apps are pretty fundamentally similar, so you can take your pick for your own preference.
Which one is better is largely a matter of personal preference, so pick one or try both and see which one you like. You can even create custom widgets to control just about everything on your HTPC from a single home screen. All filter packs are kept updated with extensive input from established professional photographers.
Make basic adjustments like brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure; Advanced adjustments like vignetting, shadow, highlight, temp, tint, RGB, curve. Enhance pAndroid doesn't have a ton of apps that can turn images into text documents, but of the ones available, Google Goggles is free and does everything it promises to do: copy text from an image and let you paste it anywhere. It also surfaces important information in your emails like links to package tracking info, reservations, and more. It also has quick actions that allow you to call numbers, pull up addresses, or email an attendee with one tap. Evernote, when used properly, can help even the most disorganized person sort, store, and find their stuff. If you’re looking for something more, Lookout does much of what ADM does, plus protects you from phishing scams, backs up your data, and more. Inbox also plugs into your Google account to show you your Google Now reminders directly in the app.

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