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So Adobe made a huge revelation today, saying it plans to launch a web-based version of Photoshop within six months. Adobe says the tools on offer will be low-end, and surely the app will be substantially less powerful than the desktop version, but they still plan to exceed the current offerings on the market.
What's more, we know that Adobe has the ability to build killer apps along these lines using Adobe Flex: it already worked on Adobe Remix, a video remixing tool that's being used by Photobucket.
It's a surprising - although not totally unexpected - revelation that proves the endless possibilities of Adobe's Macromedia acquisition. Many of the questions everyone (from gamers to developers) have had about Sony's next-gen PlayStation 3 have concerned the PlayStation network. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

With its greatest rival, Microsoft's Xbox 360 boasting such a huge and successful online interface, the PS3 has no small task ahead to compete. However, at Sony Gamer's Day yesterday, we got our first look at just what the Japanese company plans to bring to the table regarding one of the most popular aspects of online gaming, friend's lists and networking. We asked if Sony planned to offer anything like XBL's Achievements (some had even speculated they would call them 'entitlements').
That's what the open access network offers to developers." There are also elaborate family controls to offer blocking and prevent unwanted advances online. You can send friends text messages via a USB keyboard or standard PS3 controller (utilizing the same keypad as PSP, only improved with a new predictive text feature.) When you send a message, a small icon will appear in the upper right corner of their screen. We asked Phil Harrison about what happens when notes are received while you play, and he said, "The notification is very small.

It is in the upper right hand corner and won't interfere with play." The PS3 menu has an option to turn on and off Notifications if you don't want to be bugged while playing. Like with voice chat, however, there is no way to leave a video message for users who aren't available live. During the presentation Kaz Hirai logged in to YouTube to show a video of his E3 "Ridge Racer" demo -- which provided a laugh and told us that the browser is obviously Flash-enabled. According to Phil Harrison the browser would allow you to check your email via a webpage based program like Gmail, but if someone sent you an attachment, there currently isn't a way to download those, save them, or add them to your PS3's media center.

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