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La semaine derniere, j’ai ete attire a une presentation de jeux video, oui les jeux de catch j’ai donne et je n’aime pas vraiment, je les trouve bien trop complexes et vraiment « lents ». On retrouve un roster assez fou, 15 stars actuelles et 15 stars de legende, du bonheur pour tout le monde. Le gameplay est simplifie a l’extreme, des coups, des prises, des combos et meme des finish moves qui sortent presque tous seuls. Vie de Geek est mis a disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Paternite - Partage des Conditions Initiales a l'Identique 3.0 Unported.
If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. How many Leonardo DiCaprios would it take to save the world’s remaining endangered tigers?
At this desperate point, the cause of tiger conservation can certainly use all the attention it can get. All in all, perhaps somewhat more (or somewhat fewer) than 3,000 tigers remain at large in Asia’s dwindling wildernesses, down from an estimated 100,000 a century ago and falling fast, mostly to the snares and rifles of poachers who feed a lucrative illegal Asian market for their hides, bones and body parts.
The Amur, or Siberian, tiger subspecies native to Putin’s Russia has been the single bright spot in the otherwise dark picture of global tiger conservation. According to the Environmental Investigation Agency, an international anti-poaching organization, by the mid- to late 1990s, illegal hunters were killing a wild tiger every day to supply the lucrative and growing Asian market. Nor were DiCaprio and Putin the only high-profile people to appear at the International Tiger Conservation Forum: Other attendees on hand to talk about tigers included Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, the prime ministers of Nepal and Bangladesh, supermodel Naomi Campbell, actor Dick van Dyke, and World Bank head Robert Zoellick. Conservationists in attendance pointed out that never before have high-level world leaders—meaning the politicians who showed up, rather than DiCaprio and Campbell—met to discuss the fate of a single, non-human species. And, if wishes, good will, and the sincere concern of celebrities and world leaders could immediately be converted into concrete accomplishment, then the Putin event would have already succeeded in saving tigers from extinction. That funding must be divided among 13 countries (though not necessarily evenly) and sustain effective tiger-conservation efforts for half a decade . A complicating factor in the so-far halting efforts to gear up against poachers operating in fragmented tiger habitats scattered across vast regions of Asia is that wildlife poaching itself recently has been evolving into a sophisticated international crime network. Meanwhile, Asian middlemen in the wildlife trade are so eager to receive illegally harvested wildlife they they apparently have been sending purchasing agents far beyond their own borders in search of endangered species. Is there any doubt that an illegally killed tiger would have been spirited away just as quickly?
As it stands, Myanmar, despite possessing a new tiger preserve the size of Vermont (the world’s largest), is home to probably fewer than 100 tigers of the Indochinese subspecies. This video of a baby short-tailed fruit bat and his human caretaker will make you see bats in a whole different light. The hairy frogfish lives in tropical and subtropical waters of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Adult male mountain gorillas drum their chests with their open hands in order to make a popping noise that resounds through the forest. Nto only are naked mole rats naked, but even though they are mammals, their family structure more closely resembles that of bees, ants, wasps, and other social insects.
The archer fish, which is native to southern Asia, Polynesia, and Australia, employs one of the world's most unique methods of hunting. It's one of the weirdest things that happens in nature: One species of ant making slaves of another. Deep sea anglerfish live so far down in the ocean that there is very little light in their environment.
Most species of spiders are insectivorous, meaning that they survive by catching and eating insects.
Although they might remind us of monkeys, the 16 species of gibbon are apes—a family of higher primates that also includes chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans, gorillas, and humans.
Like the bower bird, most of the 42 bird-of-paradise species are found on the Island of New Guinea. Heureusement, Wirejess m’a force a aller decouvrir ce jeu chez THQ, elle a bien fait, car ce jeu est en fait un jeu d’arcade !
Je ne regarde plus beaucoup le catch mais j’ai suivi Hulk Hogan et toute la periode du catch populaire.
Le design tres cartoon des personnages ajoutent une touche resolument fun, on a plus l’impression de jouer avec des figurines qu’avec des monstres. Petersburg, Russia, to attend an international conference on tiger conservation that was being hosted by Vladimir Putin, the most powerful Russian politician as well as a huge fan of endangered tigers, of which his country has a few hundred still living in the wild.

However, the twenty-first century tide of factors rising against tigers has become so strong it is uncertain that anything—even the power of the stars—will be able to turn it.
So devastating has the poaching been that loss of habitat, by far the main threat to most of the world’s other endangered species, is only second on the list of daunting problems facing tigers. Today, a mere 8 years later, there are only around 1,300 Bengal tigers left in the country, with most of the loss caused by illegal hunting. Down to fewer than 40 individuals in the 1920s, Siberian tigers have rebounded to a population of between 450 and 500 due to government protection. Petersburg, Leonardo DiCaprio posed for a photo with Vladimir Putin, and he generously pledged $1 million of his own money toward easing pressures on the world’s remaining, desperately beleaguered tiger populations, which are divided among five surviving subspecies. Although tiger forums have been held in other years and in other countries, Putin’s event was exceptionally high-profile and well-attended because of his sponsorship, as well as the fact that it was taking place at the close of the Chinese Year of the Tiger, which ended February 2.
The same groups expressed approval over the forum’s resolution to double wild tiger populations by the next Year of the Tiger—2022—as well as at least a bit of optimism about the fact that various governments, conservation groups and individuals at the forum had pledged a total of $330 million in funding and loans for projects related to tiger conservation over the next five years, a figure that works out to somewhere around an astonishing $100,000 per wild tiger remaining in the world.
Unfortunately, few organizations involved with saving the tiger seem to think that the steps taken in St.
DiCaprio’s $1 million and at least $50 million that the WWF itself will be pitching in—with hopes of coming up with an additional $35 million.
Petersburg, in addition to not being enough to get the job done, also is not targeted specifically at tiger protection or conservation, despite being earmarked for conservation projects in tiger habitat.
We recognise that it is unprecedented for world leaders to convene over a single species, as 5 did during the high level segment of the Forum. We didn’t get any sense in the lead up to the Forum that there had been an honest appraisal of why so many of those earlier promises and commitments remain unimplemented, or that underlying factors had been identified and will be addressed.
Only a small portion of funds committed so far could potentially be channelled into rapid action funds to go straight to anti-poaching units or investigation teams to pay for things like informants, fuel, assistance with court cases, etc.
Unless action is taken at that end of the chain, then tigers in the wild will always be under threat. In many areas tigers have no choice but to venture out into human habitation in search of food. South African authorities report that rhinoceros poachers in that country have taken to using helicopters and night vision optics—equipment at least as good as that of the country’s wildlife law enforcers themselves. In fact, there are probably only 350 Indochinese tigers remaining throughout a native range encompassing vast parts Mayanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. This drumroll warns other male gorillas to stay off their territory and away from their families. All the mole rats living in each underground mole rat colony serve the needs of their giant mole rat queen—who, like a queen bee or a queen ant does all the reproducing and is therefore the mother of all her subjects. They can learn such relatively complex tasks as undoing latches and opening jars—and they are infamous for their ability to escape from tanks and other enclosures. The fish knocks bugs off of overhanging vegetation by blasting them with a powerful stream of water from its mouth. Creatures at that depth are drawn to any illumination, and the anglerfish takes advantage of that fact by using its natural headlamp to attract prey. In Central and South America, vampire bats emerge at night to sneak up on mammals such as cattle, shave a little skin off of them while they sleep, and drink their blood. But no creature puts more effort or artistry into courtship than the male bowerbird of New Guinea. The European fishing spider, however, is piscivorous, which, as its name implies, means that it prefers prey with scales and fins.
Compared to male bower birds, male birds of paradise employ an equally elaborate, though completely different, strategy for attracting mates. Alors pour moi, Rey Mysterio ou Cena, c’est des stars oui, mais Andre le geant, l’UNDERTAKER ou encore l’ultimate warrior, sont des vrais legendes, et j’ai vraiment eu un grand sourire quand j’ai decouvert que mon heros etait jouable et qu’en plus je pouvais vraiment m’amuser avec ! Les modes de jeu sont assez varies mais reposent essentiellement que sur des variations de l’environnement, cependant, le mode a 3 ou 4 est tout simplement enorme, j’ai pris un pied monstrueux a ce genre de « battle royale » : pas de regles, pas d’alliances, une victime forcement et des combats ou on est vraiment a deux doigts d’exploser de rire.
Because only a portion—and undoubtedly a small one—of poached tigers are ever recovered by law enforcement, the actual number taken by traffickers is presumed to be a shocking multiple of TRAFFIC’s figure. However—and in spite of the interest of Putin and other highly placed Russians—conservationists say that recently there has been a worrisome increase in the poaching of Russian tigers. Petersburg go far enough, or even necessarily herald a meaningful turn in the tiger’s plunging trend. Also, the chances of those funds trickling down to localised NGOs [Non-governmental organizations] or NGOs that are not embedded in the process of implementing the GTRP, is slim.

Our report, Enforcement not Extinction, highlights the fact that effective enforcement to combat the trade is not rocket science; if we, as a small NGO, can find traders in China offering tiger skin, bone, teeth, claws, if we can get their names, telephone numbers, if we can get them to talk about the trade, their perceptions of enforcement, their connections across borders, well then surely the Chinese government can [do the same]. We’ve adapted our methodology and are more targeted in our approach to understand[ing] the dynamics of the trade, so that official enforcement agencies can develop more informed strategies. As you will see from the video, the hairy frogfish is a voracious predator capable of swallowing prey as large as itself. Ants for instance lay down a trail of chemical markers called pheromones to tell other members of their colony where to find a food source. But the recently discovered mimic octopus of the South Pacific adds a strange, new twist to octopus intelligence with its ability to disguise itself as any number of other sea creatures in order to scare off would-be predators.
The hairless, jellybean-sized creature makes its way to its mother's pouch, where it develops into a real kangaroo—and the first time it jumps from the pouch is almost like a second birth. Once the insect falls into the water it's helpless, and the archer fish can eat it at its leisure. Periodically, Polyergus will raid the colonies of another species, where they use an array of deceptive chemical signals to overcome the other ants.
Not only does this amazing avian acquire hundreds of objects of art in order to impress the female of his species, but he builds an entire structure in which to house his collection. The male seahorse sports a pouch like a kangaroo's, and during mating the female deposits her eggs in it.
Watch as this spider detects and then attacks an unwitting stickleback that's unlucky enough to swim by. Because they seldom descend to the ground, gibbons travel through the rainforest treetops of Southeast Asia and Indonesia using their incredibly long arms rather than their legs, swinging from branch to branch in a form of locomotion called brachiation. They rely not only on their spectacular plumage, but also on their dancing ability in their attempts to convince females to mate with them. Bref, un gros de coup de c?ur ce WWE all stars, j’attends la sortie le 1er avril pour decouvrir plus amplement les « stars ».
DiCaprio expressed his deep concern as a dedicated conservationist, set a wonderful example by taking out his own checkbook, and—perhaps most importantly—helped direct a bright, if temporary, spotlight of public attention onto wild tigers, which are in grave peril of forever slipping off the face of the earth within the next decade. The upsurge is doubtlessly due to the fact that the Chinese border lies close to the narrow strip of coastal Far Eastern Russia that is home to the remaining Amur tigers, and folk-medicine manufacturers, wine makers, and boutique restauranteurs in the increasingly affluent China are willing to pay top dollar for all kinds of tiger parts, including bones, eyes and penises.
Prices for tiger parts have skyrocketed—due to the rarity of wild tigers and China’s growing economy— and there is more incentive than ever for tiger poachers. In this video, a baby mountain gorilla in Rwanda fails hilariously when he tries to prove himself to a group of tourists. These amazing fish can spit water up to two meters (six feet), and they almost always hit their mark. They then carry eggs of the conquered species back to their own colony, where they they raise them and put them to work. Although few vampire victims die of blood loss, some do get rabies from these furry parasites. The male carries the eggs until they hatch, after which he gives "birth" to a brood of young seashores. In fact, you wouldn't be wrong to call birds of paradise the exotic dancers of the animal world. And even if a poacher is caught, the judicial system is so overburdened that it takes years for a case to reach a conclusion. Instead, honeybees are able to give their hive mates precise directions to a distant patch of flowers using an amazing form of dance. One of the most interesting aspects of this slaving behavior is that, not only does the Polyegus queen participate in the raid, but she is key to its success.
In the last decade 882 people have been accused in tiger poaching and seizure cases, but only 18 people have been convicted in just six court cases. In this video, scientists tell us exactly how the bees accomplishing this incredible feat of nonverbal communication.
Under these circumstances, it is difficult to be optimistic that tiger poaching in India and elsewhere can be drastically reduced in the foreseeable future.

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