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Cherry blossoms have become extremely popular tattoo motifs in the Western world within the last ten years or so. Anyone who was born and raised in Japan is sure to have a strong - and positive - reaction when presented with the image of a cherry blossom tattoo. Although sakura are wildly celebrated in Japan, they are also indigenous to several other East Asian countries including China and Korea.
From fine china to cheap tourist t-shirts and tattoos, cherry blossoms abound almost everywhere.
Sakura ZensenIn America, we're all familiar with the overzealous weatherman who interrupts regularly scheduled programming to warn us about tornadoes, thunderstorms and other natural events. Indeed, the entire nation watches the cherry blossom front, or sakura zensen, with bated breath.
As a result of Japanese culture, one of the main representations of cherry blossoms is the idea of transience. Now that you have a small idea about the importance of a cherry blossom tattoo in Japanese culture, and why they are so highly esteemed, it should be a little easier for you to understand why people choose to adorn their bodies with them.
The body shop japanese cherry blossom bath shower gel, The body shop japanese cherry blossom bath and shower gel review. Rune tattoo symbols, I was married in iceland in 2010 and was planning to get the strength symbol tattoo. Cherry blossom wikipedia free encyclopedia, The sakurakai or cherry blossom society was the name chosen by young officers within the imperial japanese army in september 1930 for their secret society established.Flower tattoos free tattoo designs, A cherry blossom tattoo is a very feminine tattoo.
New tattoostattoo 4 cherry blossom tattoo meaning, Cherry blossom tattoo meaning symbolism pictures of japanese cherry blossom tattoo designs.The body shop japanese cherry blossom bath shower gel, The body shop japanese cherry blossom bath and shower gel review.

Good Fortune - For one reason or another, tattoos of cherry blossom designs are closely linked to good fortune. By putting one on your body, then, you could be giving yourself an extra dose of good luck. The cherry blossom plant has a deep symbolic significance in various Asian cultures such as China and Japan. Many people don't realize it, but cherry blossoms have been enduring and important symbols in Japan for several centuries. There are more than 200 different varieties of sakura, and their blossoms are anxiously awaited throughout Japan all year long. If you ever visit the country, you will quickly be pelted with images of cherry blossoms everywhere you go.
In Japan, they have regular weather forecasts - and they have cherry blossom forecasts, too.
After all, the blossoms are only around for a limited window of time, typically a week or two. Most of us look our best in our teens and young adulthood; as we creep up in age, our good looks begin to fade. Cherry blossoms only bloom for a short period of time, and so they are likened with the idea that our lives are short and we should always try to live every moment to the fullest. Besides, hanami get togethers are all about socializing with your friends, family and other loved ones. When they first sprout up in Okinawa, those to the north can rest assured that spring is eminent.

They have been associated with wealth and prosperity and have also served as the emblem for Japanese Samurai. Before delving into their symbolism, though, it helps to get a firm grasp about how important they are in Japanese culture.
When someone in Japan sees a tattoo of cherry blossom, they can't help but think of the people they care about. In turn, many people associate spring with renewal and rebirth, so cherry blossom tattoo art can stand for those ideals, too. They have also been linked with purity, innocence, independence, freedom, beauty, power, feminine sexuality, youth, virility, love and hope.
Cherry blossom tattoos are generally very bright and colorful, which makes them quite stunning to look at.
One may choose to have the entire cherry tree tattooed on their body or just have the blooms as the design. Additional motifs such as butterflies, dragonflies, decorated hand fans can be added to the tattoo art to make it look more beautiful.

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