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Published: 17.02.2014. Category: Tattoo Pictures

Pisces tattoos tend to be uplifting and make you smile just like the personality of most Pisces. This classic Pisces tattoo done in red and blue is fantastic!  The shading and detail work is very nice as well.
This piece has a lot of character; the red stars give a little color and keep your attention. The simple tattoo design with the classic astrological symbol is very popular for Pisces tattoos.

This tattoo of the Pisces fish looks great inked with one on each foot; nice placement here!
Greek mythology says that the fish are really two black dolphins sent by Poseidon to save Eros and Aphrodite from the sea monster Typhon.
Goldfish and Koi are very popular oriental symbols.  Notice the oriental feel of the astrological symbol along with the type of fish used in this tattoo. Pisces tattoos are normally seen with two fish, one of them pointing up and one pointing down.

This design illustrates the personality of the Pisces; they are not always sure what direction is the best to take.

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