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Published: 25.03.2016. Category: Cross Tattoos Designs

Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. Well if you cant over induluge on necklaces etc when you are 4 when can you – very cute. Isn’t it so fun as they become older and you really get to know the wonderful little person that they are!
She alternates between her girly and tomboyish sides, but the other day she wanted to be extra fancy.

I can’t believe you have been her for four years, it was just yesterday you were in your Mommy’s tummy! I'm updating a Victorian just outside of Chicago in Oak Park, IL, transforming the so-so, and keeping busy all around.
That meant layering every necklace she owns over her pajamas, including one with Christmas lights that blink on and off. I’m feeling a little down and among other things feel like my little girl is growing too quickly.

This was such a timely reminder that four years old is just as awesome as 1 year old and we still have so much wonderful, sparkly, accessory-layered, silly, creative girly fun in the years to come.

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