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The secret is out, there is no pill or potion that will make your marriage instantly better. Here’s a cool kicker: I did some research of my own on gratitude a few years back, and I found one case study* that empirically proved that gratitude specifically toward God had an even greater effect on overall human health (as opposed to generic gratitude toward the universe etc)! I love it when Selena encourages me or gives me an affirming touch in passing; I eat it up! My main point is this: make it a habit to give the affection your spouse needs as often as they need it! Make playing a priority by trimming back your financial and time commitments wherever possible.
Planning for sex is like planning to have a good conversation, except communication happens without words (not that you can’t talk during sex). It’s one thing to believe in Jesus with your head, and another believe with your heart.
Sharing openly with friends is a great way to encourage others and reinforce to yourself what you believe.
What I am saying is not to put your husband in a situation where he may go looking elsewhere to meet those needs.
He hold things that happened to him in the last few years as God abandoning him and not being there when he needed him. I can relate to the frustration and exhaustion of your situation, I’ve been there for quite some time with my husband.

Although, I suppose if there was such a remedy it would sell like organic mustache wax at a hipster convention. He reveals that those who express gratitude will see significant improvements in relationships (ex.
If it wasn’t for our unified stance on the importance of Jesus in our lives, Selena and I would probably not be together.
There may not be a pill or potion that can magically transform your marriage over night, but I do believe these habits are a great start. I definitely agree that not everything works for everyone, and in each case couples should seek God and each other to work through every problem faced given their specific circumstance. What I found through consistent prayer and bible reading is that God is in control and by giving the situation to him, you are admitting you can’t change the situation only God can. God has truly blessed you both with a wisdom beyond your years and anointed your call to marriage ministry.
We have a toddler (who wakes up early), I’m 7 months pregnant, my husband works hard and is exhausted in the evening, and I’m exhausted most of the time, so yeah, planning is a great idea! When youre like everyone, while Im caught in the mentality or perhaps demand a pick me way up, Let me visit Facebook with regard to inspirational movies or maybe look at Pinterest for some motivation. Being that a potion isn’t available, Selena and I have found that if we keep these few habits in place, our married life is ten times more enjoyable and fulfilling! The benefits of thankfulness are obvious to those who practice it daily, and perhaps those benefits are why God commands us to be so grateful.

Culture at large tends to make sex a purely physical phenomenon, which can become our mindset in marriage if we’re not careful. Desire is still there on rare occasions, but action results in severe pain & often tears which is death to the occasion for him too. You are in control of your spiritual growth and God will give you the love and strength you need while you pray for your husbands heart.
From my experience, when I am closest to God, he gives me peace and my husband sees that and is beginning to want that relationship for himself.
When youre just like me, youve furthermore most likely discovered yourself looking close to pertaining to determination all day behind your laptop display screen. Maybe this is a good strategy for couples that have issues being intimate regularly, but I say let the feelings flow and have sex as much as you can, and as passionately as you can as possible. There are many marital helpers out there willing to offer insight for low libidos and to help couples regain the intimacy the Lord intended.

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