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She wanted the phrase done in backwards writing so she would be able to read it in the mirror. On the heels of the release of her latest album Rated R, Rihanna‘s gone and gotten tatt’ed up yet again!
Instead of running a planned rerun show this past weekend, Saturday Night Live aired an hour-long episode dedicated to the late music icon Prince. Steph Curry has turned himself into a bonafide NBA superstar over the course of the last two seasons. Steph Curry won the NBA MVP award unanimously yesterday, which is something that obviously should be celebrated.
Kid Ink and Pink Dolphin bumped fists and launched the “Alumni” capsule for Summer 2015!
Considering that she cannot commit to a hairstyle or color, is it really wise to invest in permanently marking her body? Sunshine, the beach, a walk in the park, the smell of fresh air, your health and mostly your children.
15 minutes is like a one hit wonder, not the female with the second most hits of the decade! Rihanna's foot tattoos feature a music note on the top of her foot showing her love of music. Rihannas tattoo a€?XI-IV-LXXXVIa€? is the birthday of her assistant Melissa Forde done in Roman numerals. Rihannas tattoo on her hip is an ancient sanskrit phrase, meaning a€?Forgiveness, Truth, repression, Calmnessa€?.
He explains that RiRi, who he says is “doing great,” wanted the phrase done in backwards writing so she would be able to read it in the mirror. Because this piece of body art is so personal to Rihanna, the pop superstar decided she didn’t want this new ink to be as obvious as the ones she already sports.
Of course, Rihanna already drew enough attention to Bang Bang and East Side Ink earlier this year. And then, only a few weeks later, ex-boyfriend Chris Brown paid a visit to East Side and did the exact same thing! In other Rihanna news, the New York Daily News is reporting that at the Vevo event two nights ago (where Justin Timberlake and John Mayer had a douche convention), Rihanna and JT stayed clear of each other, as if they didn’t want to be photographed together.
First the comment about sending your boyfriends nude pictures, then the crush on Megan Fox?? I really don’t see Covergirl renewing her contract with all this reckless sex talk and her cd is just as bad and also has violent lyrics in addition to graphic sexual references. To me, the douche in this story is the tattoo artist who sold his story to OK hours after he did the tat. What happened recently for the sudden shift to place Rihanna in this “dumb” category? I got a tattoo on my wrist earlier on in the year, to celebrate my life and to have something to always remind me of what I had gone through. I think people need to grow up just because she got a tatt that means something to her has got nothing to do with anyone else get over it!!!!

OMG stop bashing her u guys are effin losers…she is young and she has been through some things and tattoos are body art so stop being ignorant!! Rihanna is one of the most beautiful and intriguing artists around today, she keeps us captivated with her songs, music, lifestyle and even body art.
So far Rihanna has 15 (maybe 16 depending on a tweet she sent out in Jan 21012 of her getting a back tatt) small tattoos located all over her body from her head down to her ankles. Rihanna’s most current tattoo as of January 2012 is the words Thug Life on her knuckles in what looks like white ink. We are sure that this will not be the last we post on Rihanna’s tattoos because this girl loves to alter her identity!
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I think that Rihanna needs attention because the poor girl has been beat by the most famous guy in the world, I guess. Rihanna cant take what she put out when she was laughing at other individuals who had actual talent and did not make it when their CD came out.
Last night, the Rated R singer headed to NYC tattoo parlor East Side Ink — one of her favorites — and had her personal motto etched indelibly into her skin forever. Back in July, she caused a bit of a problem when she took tattoo needle in hand and inked him and a couple other patrons during a late-night session. She (laughingly) tries to get us to believe she uses her sexuality only for the good of womankind, and comes off just as desperate.
It matters not what the hell she says or does as far as her comments about sex, the tattoos she gets, the clothes she wears.
As much as I dislike Rhianna (CB not withstanding), even on urban blogs opinion is incredibily diverse where Rhianna is concerned, so your lame ass comment is presumptuous. Her style changes with her artistic growth and if u don’t like her fine but STOP BASHING HER!!!!!!!!
She has even created a tattoo on her own – including a little umbrella on her tattooist arm!
The scent, Reb’l Fleur is described as being very connected to Rihanna’s roots in the Caribbean. I think that it’s Trashy because tattoos, to be honest, is a violation to God and his rules that is printed in the Holy Bible! It’s a good motto but what is the point of tatooing it on your body or are you too stupid to remember it.
They knew from the start this girls talent was limited to only looks, they got away with it with the others and GGGB and thought they had fooled everyone!
All she cares about is size, and sending naked pics to her boyfriends…yeah, I think I will defend her, NOT! She shows as much skin as she can, she gets gun tats, flashy jewelry and a new album full of wannabe gangster-emo tunes.
Chris Brown is the scum of the earth, an abuser who takes out his anger on people who cannot properly defend themselves against him.
She has the money, she can afford to change her look whenever she wants and she can get a tattoo if she feels like it.

The symbol behind her ear is a Pisces Sign and it was done by a famous Brazilian artist who books three years in advance. Rihanna has a Sanskrit tattoo on her hip that reads Forgiveness, Truth, Repression, Calmness. The tattoo on her left ankle is a cute skull with a bow on its head and it was done during a stay Miami. Rihanna has the date April 11 1986 tattooed across her left shoulder in Roman numerals which is the date of her assistant and best friends birthday. The tribal tattoo design on Rihanna’s right hand was done in New Zealand while she was on tour. Rihanna has a sort of personal creed tattooed backwards across her chest so she can read it in the mirror.
In fact, the name of the scent itself is reported to be based on a nickname that the performer’s grandmother called her when she was a young girl. Anyone with tattoos can tell you it’s a liberating and adrenaline packed feeling to be inked therefore the desire to obtain more and more increases.
She has also said she loves to hang out in tattoo shops and study the different tattoos in the shop. How many times did you change up your look because you felt like it when you were that young?
Luckily for Rihanna he was in Tokyo at the same time so he could create it for her immediately. These are most likely encouraging words that  provide support and spiritual strength for Rihanna.
The  “Shhh…” phrase is on her right index finger and has been copied by other celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen. She also has a trail of stars going down her back which were started in LA but later added to by artist Bang Bang in New York at a later date. Rhianna also posted a picture of herself laying on the artists table getting a tatt on her back, but only time will tell what that ink will reveal!
I love the tattoo’s they have meaning unlike some of you all who have tattos on your ass. Now she is getting a much needed wake up call and she wants to tat her self with that slogan, if that’s how she wants to mask a FLOP then so be it. Rihanna's tattoos and the variety of them shows how adventurous and unique she is when it comes to getting new tattoos. You know it’s getting ready to get worst when the HARD video comes out looking a hot mess!

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