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Since dotwork tattoos have been having their peak in popularity, another style has also become very popular: sacred geometry tattoos. Platonic solids like the dodecahedron and the icosahedron are common as well, as are all the shapes that recall the idea of oneness and connection with the natural world that surrounds us. Some people believe that positioning these shapes over a particular part of the body will affect their spirituality or health in a positive way. Today, many of these sacred geometries can be found blended with other tattoos, included in other designs just as decorations. Today tattooing has developed a lot as art, we have electric machines and we can use very vivid colours and alongside this process, sacred geometry tattoos has also been rediscovered. Most of the times the two styles go together, geometric tattoos are often performed using the dotwork technique (as are animals, occult symbols and engraving inspired tattoos). Most of the times these designs and patterns are perfectly symmetrical, and generally include circle shapes.

If you think about it, tattoos have always been used as amulets, talismans and for protection.
One of the most common designs are mandalas, generally squares containing a circle and many other geometric shapes, forming a whole with a radial balance. The octahedron symbolizes air, the dodecahedron spirit or ether and the icosahedron refers to water. Ancient cultures believed that tattoos had to be performed by shamans (like Polynesian tribes) and they symbolized their position in the society, while also having magical qualities.
Through the ages these patterns have been repeatedly re-presented in sacred architecture, cosmology, music and other forms of art. Thus said, if you decide to incorporate the divine, you’d need an experienced and skillful tattooist. Oh, yes, and very patient one, because the majority of sacred geometry tattoos are implemented using the dotwork technique (complete geometric images created only by connecting precisely placed dots).
Alright, we need some basic details here, starting from the definition of a tetrahedron: it is one of the five Platonic Solids [3D shape whereby each face is the same regular polygon + the same number of polygons meet at each vertex (corner)].

So to speak, here we have the God and the Goddess and their child in the very bit of its conception. No wonder, Vesica Piscis is also the basic shape for the Flower of Life and the Tree of Life; in addition, it is a well-known symbol of Jesus and Christianity.
Just for reference, here are some of the countries it has been found in: Egypt (the oldest known), Turkey, Italy, Israel, Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, India, Spain, Japan, China. If your country is among them, this could be another good reason to choose the Flower of Life for your next tattoo experience, for it is a part of your ancestors’ cultural heritage.
On the Earth he used to be a human prophet and after his death became an archangel due to the devout life he lived.

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