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Fairy tales and movies and all those other happy happy cheery cheery types of love you hear about are all wrong.
You know what, my conscience has told me to appologize for everything that I've ever done or said that "hurt" you physically, mentally, or emotionally.
In love there is pain from the other person, regret for letting someone go, and frustration for no reason at all.

If you have no love or feelings for them, it's best you tell the truth and not holding it within you thinking you are not hurting them.
Ourselves!~ Boitumelo Khunou ~Loving yourself is about finding your own personally defined perfection in an imperfect reality.~ Boitumelo Khunou ~The belief that love is an emotion leads us astray. He's my world, my solid ground, my inspiration.He's what I think about in my sleep and dream about throughout the day.

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