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The thing is with me I look on the brighter side of everything.There's no point being pessimistic or being worried about too many things because frankly life's too short.
Positivity, that's one of the things I try to spread throughout my company and really anyone I come in contact with.
You don't have to dislike people you disagree with and it doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to have bipartisan friendships in this place. A German wine label is one of the things life's too short for, a daunting testimony to that peculiar nation's love of detail and organization. Life's too short when you find yourself sitting in a car for four hours every day trying to get from East L.A.

I have been approached now and again about sitcoms, but, with very few exceptions, one simply needs to move to L.A. I'd like to make one while I still look good and before I look like Phil Collins, which, eventually, I will. We'll cheerfully mock dumb politicians on Twitter, but we try to never slam another creator's work or make fun of another company's projects or initiatives. I've also been approached about writing episodes for sitcoms, but in order to do that one actually has to watch sitcoms. I"m lucky I have Chloe and I have no intention of letting a war I didn"t start rob me of one second of my time with her.

A few snarky words today can ruin a chance for an incredibly rewarding creative partnership tomorrow. Life's too short for television, and I don't what it on my actual gravestone, HE STARED AT A BOX FOR 10,000 HOURS.

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