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Published: 06.01.2014. Category: Tattoo Pictures

Through the designs which are created, these are many side of the rib tattoos designs for 2011-12.
Also that area of the body can be quite challenging for an artist to ink due to each person’s unique size, shape and natural curves.
But, if an artist is properly found and a person has given the rib tattoo a lot of thought it can be pretty impressive.Women who chose this tattoo theme normally go for flower designs like cherry blossom, hibiscus, orchids or floral vines.

In tattoo forums you can find a lot of posts from many people asking how painful women rib tattoos can be. Many girls would like to get a tattoo on the side of their rib but are turned off by the pain they have to go through during the inking process.If you are planning to get a side rib tattoo, be prepared for the pain. The most painful areas will be down on the side of the front rib which is very close to the nipple and in the area where the ribs ends.

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