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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below. The skull has been a favourite amongst tattoo wearers for years, but now the sugar skull has allowed for a new breed of artwork. Sugar skulls are a very popular tattoo to get these days for both boys and girls, however a lot of people don’t realise that they have a lot deeper meaning than just a pretty design.
Here is a great sketch of a more traditional skull with antique jewellery items and a rose. Sugar skull tattoos are particularly popular amongst women because of how pretty they can look.
Whilst some might think this tattoo is a little bit creepy, you cannot deny that it is very well done and the colors jump right out at you. We love the deep red roses on either side of this sugar skull that contrast nicely to the lighter colors used in skull.
Because sugar skulls can often symbolize a friend or family member you may have lost, it is quite common for people to get them tattooed on their chest, close to their heart.
If you’re stuck for ideas but really want a colorful tattoo, then there is none more colorful and beautiful then a well done sugar skull tattoo.
Many people will get 2 skulls tattooed so that they can be more symmetrical like the above example. Here is an example of a more side on sugar skull, with this angle you can really notice the eyes popping out! Day of the dead face painting can look really beautiful, and better yet make a really pretty tattoo design. Here is another beautiful example of a blank ink skull with roses that runs up the neck and looks stunning.

Sometimes all you need is one color and when working with roses – that color should definitely be red!
Placement is everything with tattoos, make sure you pick the perfect spot for your design to fit.
The great thing about getting a skull tattoo like the one above is that once you get sick of it you can always color it in down the track and have a new tattoo to look at. Another design that draws you in and you end up getting lost in it – which is exactly what a great tattoo should do. It can be quite common for people to get 2 sugar skull tattoos, particularly if they have lost 2 people dear to them such as both parents.
This probably has a very symbolic meaning that is quite dear to the person and they have captured it beautifully in these artistically designed bride and groom sugar skull tattoos.
These are extremely intricate for finger tattoo designs and must have been carried out with an extremely fine need and even steadier hand! Whilst skulls generally don’t have moustaches, they definitely look pretty cool with a finely groomed moustache such as the example above. The attention to detail is really nice on the above skull, a lot of dot and line work and the deep black eyes really make the design pop. In the old days skulls would be seen as a morbid or scary tattoo but the sugar skull is much more than that. Sugar skulls are actually part of Mexican culture, and traditionally are made on the day of the dead (November 1 & 2) where they will be then decorated and placed on loved ones headstones. Also because they often contain more feminine designs such as diamonds, love hearts and roses.
It looks like a faceless babushka doll but there is definitely some really intricate and beautifully done line work when you look closer. Note the spider web, cross, vines, diamonds, flowers on the eyes and upside down love heart nose area – all common elements of traditional Mexican sugar skull designs.

There’s no clear outline like the other examples but with a lot of intricate patterns to make up the shape it looks really good. Whilst it may not be the most intricate or impressive we love its simplicity and color work.
As time has passed the sugar skull tattoo has adapted several new meanings and is now common with men and women.
A model of a skull would be decorated in bright colors and would be lined with chocolate, candy and other sugary treats. This gesture is not only meant to recognize loved ones that have died but also to bring their spirit back on the day of the dead.
Not only are they in the memory, they are remembered for bringing a beautiful persona to the world. With this is mind, they have become a popular and often symbolic tattoo for people to get these days to remember family members or friends that may have passed away. Also it was common place to put roses on the headstones of the deceased along with the decorated sugar skulls.
They took something that is commonly associated with death and decorated it with all these things, thus giving it a new lease on life.
The skull, which is associated with death more than anything else, is tattooed with vibrant colours of the wearers choice.

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