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Chest tattoo are mostly chosen for personal designs, presenting owners believe, personality or important messages. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. A landscape can be as simple as a scene from a movie, or as advanced as a ground level complete with a bird filled skyline. This makes heart tattoos a very popular choice for many people who choose to tattoo a design on their chest. Lately it has been seen young men and women have started inking their chest with tattoo quotes.
The chest provides a lot of space for a tattoo, and also allows the individual to be creative with the amount of space that the it provides. Many people choose to tattoo scenes and other landscape tattoos on their chest because it is one of the few places on the body that provides enough room for these large, elaborate tattoos.

Often times people will placed the name of a loved one over their heart to symbolize their love for them.
The chest and back provide the most space on the body for tattoos and other body artwork, so some of the most elaborate tattoos are placed in this location.
This person could be a family member, or a significant other for whom you want to profess your undying affection.
It is not simple yet carry certain meaning and it shapes is very unique and flexible so that the tattoo artist will be able to use the shape to create such design.
Try to choose short and sweet one as lengthy quotes on chest will make the inked body place congested.
You may decide that you would like a river toward the bottom of your chest or in your stomach region during your first sitting.
Some people also choose to tattoo other things that they love over their heart, since the heart is commonly used to symbolize love.

There is still some pain in the chest region, but the chest contains less nerve endings than the legs or the feet which make it an ideal place to tattoo darker, more intricate designs that would ordinarily be too painful to place on other areas of the body. You could place an activity or sport that has been a big part of your life over your heart to symbolize how much the activity means to you. Because many tattoos that take up the full chest region are done over the course of several months, it gives you plenty of time to put meaningful thought into what you would like to tattoo on yourself. Landscape and scene tattoos are among the most popular types of tattoos to place on the chest region.
The symbolism behind this could be that they wear their heart on the outside, or on their sleeve, as is commonly said.

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