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If we talk about the symbolic significance of the miniature angel wings tattoo, this tattoo stands for divinity, optimism, protection, guidance, inspiration, etc.
Sitting below the back of the neck, this small angel wings tattoo makes an adorable style statement. The back is a favored location for getting a small angel wings tattoo and this girl got the same done with black ink. These two small angel wings sitting on the ankles look very cute and are there to guide the wearer in the right direction. Carved in the loving memory of a dear one, this small angel wings tattoo has got a deep emotional connection.
This small angel wings tattoo inspires one to have faith and strive for one’s dreams. Tender and soft small angel wings look very serene in blue shade and stand for peace and divinity.
The blend of wings and cross signifies the wearer’s spiritual and religious inclination.

The guy got a small and simple pair of black angel wings tattoo to serve as a protective symbol. The wearer got his name and angel wings tattooed on his forehand in order to harness the spirituality inside himself. The girl displays a small pair of angel wings on the sides of her back that she got to serve as an inspirational symbol.
This pair of black and brown angel wings has a fine rustic appeal and signifies the innocence of the wearer. Seated on one side of the back, this pair of small angel wings always reminds the girl to listen to her inner voice, the divine calling. The magical ring and the small angel wings make for a pleasing back tattoo that also acts as a spiritual guide for the wearer. This small angel wings tattoo serves as a sweet memorial for the girl who misses her daddy a lot.
The initials, halo and the small angel wings create a spiritual tattoo piece on the back of the wearer.

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The one, who is said to keep a vigil on all of us, and is there to protect and guide us, is an angel sent by God.

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