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So, if sparrows are so run-of-the-mill, how did they become the inspiration for so many tattoos?
In general, most sparrow tattoos are quite small, like the birds themselves, but other elements are added to the basic bird artwork to create a fully fleshed design.
Sparrows in nautical themes are often depicted with stars, perhaps as a symbol of following one’s destiny.
Sparrow tattoos also have their place in prison culture, where the birds symbolize freedom. These tats are typically worn somewhere on the hands, wrists or arms, but they can really be placed anywhere. As you can see, sparrow tattoos can mean many things to many people, so it’s important not to assume their meaning without asking the person who is wearing one. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Sparrow tattoos are a very popular tattoo design among both the sexes because of the look and meaning they hold. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Swallow Tattoos, Sparrow Tattoos, Hummingbird Tattoo and Dove Tattoos.
The mysterious and highly intelligent dark sparrow is a symbol of the deep unknown desire that keeps the wearer motivated in his spiritual pursuit.
This pair of black sparrows flying away from each other symbolize break-up that the wearer has undergone. The cute, little orange sparrow, carved on the chest, looks lovely and stands for the love fluttering inside the wearer.
Pretty sparrow tattoo created with red and green on the shoulder that looks very charming and attracts the eyeballs.
Coy sparrow tattoo, carved on the forearm, has a cute feminine touch that looks fine on the body of the girl. This flying sparrow tattoo, carved on the feet, symbolizes the urge of the wearer to be set free and lead his life on own conditions. This tattoo is best for nature lovers as the sparrow is a bird that symbolizes the soft beauty of nature.
The star and the sparrow are a token of flight to freedom that leads to achievement of one’s desires and aims. Sober sparrow tattoo, created on the ribs, that has a sweet simple touch, representing the beauty of simplicity.
Carved on the ribs, the black and grey sparrow looks mysterious and inspires us to find meaning in life. The girl has got this couple of sparrows, on the side of the waist, as a mark of affection for her love life. The sparrow serves as an alluring and aesthetic tattoo piece that has also got deep symbolic meaning. The small blue sparrow with the faith lettering stands for self-belief that propels us to fly and lead a free life, as per our wishes. The girl got this pretty and colorful sparrow tattoo on her chest in memory of her dear mother who has flown away from her, for good.
The sparrow with two nautical stars is a symbol that the wearer is a believer and is in search of true love. Flying dark and grey sparrow with fine details that takes on its flight of freedom, inspiring others to do the same.

Flying sparrow with a ribbon curled around its body, bearing the date on which the dear one left the wearer. The mother got this sparrow along with a nautical star and the names of her kids with the belief that it would act as a lucky talisman for them.
The sparrow tattoo has a deep association with sailors as they believed it to be a spiritual and auspicious sign.
Green and blue sparrow, carved on the back of the hand, is a sign that the wearer’s actions are oriented towards achieving freedom in life.
This guy got the pink sparrow tattoo as a gift to his beloved who is sweet and chirpy, just like the bird. A freedom loving person who wants to achieve true love in life has got a sparrow tattoo on his chest that represents the deep desire. Bright sparrow, sporting green and yellow shade, is a symbol of the fact that freedom and love bring glory in life. The stars and the flying sparrow on the feet inspire the wearer to take action in the direction that leads towards her dreams.
Simple but gorgeous, small sparrow tattoo that looks super cute and has a lovely display, with the hand being partly inside the pocket.
Heart shapes flying around the blue bird are a symbol of undying love and commitment to a single person.
Cute tattoo carved on the upper back of the girl, exhibiting a feminine touch, that is a symbol of loyalty, sacrifice and deep bonding. Covering the side and the ribs, this curvilinear sparrow tattoo has a pretty, artistic touch that looks very appealing.
Carrying a flower in its beak, this sparrow tattoo symbolizes the fact that the fragrance of love sets us free.
This sparrow, sitting on a leafy branch, symbolizes the love of god that is always blooming and knows no ends. Simple outline carved on the wrist that is very basic in design but still captures attention with its cute display. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Sparrow tattoos are very popular these days; probably for some of the reasons that you will read below.
Jack Sparrow Tattoos – Jack Sparrow tattoos are very popular these days and can represent the good hearted rebellious side of your personality.   Captain Jack Sparrow is known to most of you as the charismatic captain of the Black Pearl pirate ship.
Tribal Sparrow Tattoos – Tribal sparrow tattoos are popular deigns to illustrate the love and loyalty that two people share. Black Sparrow Tattoos – Black sparrow tattoos are usually inked for a different symbolic meaning rather than for a message of love or that fun loving personality. Choose from among the gorgeous sparrow tattoo designs depicted above to blend with your personality as they are a great way to enhance your looks a notch higher. Small, buff and brown, it doesn’t catch the eye the way flashier birds like swans and parrots do. Life on the high seas was brutally rough in days gone by, and a lot of sailors that put out to sea never returned. Certainly everyone with a sparrow tattoo isn’t a convict, but some convicts choose sparrows as a statement about their own freedom, especially when they are nearing release. In modern times, sparrow tattoos are sometimes used as memorial designs for loved ones who have left this earth.

Some may find wearing traditional sparrow tattoos reflect their fun loving and full of life nature. King’s work, wherein he described the flying sparrows as carrying humans from the land of the living to the land of the dead. You could each choose your own design or match them up.  These birds are small enough to go behind the ear, wear on an ankle, wrist, foot, inner arm, lower calf, abdomen or flying across your lower back. Sparrow tattoos have long been sported by sailors who used to get one on the right chest after covering a certain distance and then again another on the left chest after returning home safely. It simply flits from here to there in the company of other sparrows, free to take wing as it pleases. Whether they succumbed to storms, rough waves or other sailors, it was considered a badge of honor just to make it back to port. Captain Jack Sparrow, an accidental drunken swashbuckler played to perfection by Johnny Depp, immediately caught the public imagination, inspiring sparrow tattoos in a wide variety of designs. This is a great tattoo to wear if you’re the type of person with a funny dark side.  Jack Sparrow would prefer to flee from danger, rather than fight. The black sparrow with all their secrets, mystery and high intelligence usually can’t be seen by the mere simple minded. They used to believe that these birds stood for protection and good luck that safeguarded them from perils of a sea voyage.
Only time will tell whether these particular tats will become classics, or fade out of favor. Depending on their species, they either travel in very large flocks of intermingled families, or one large flock of a single family.  The Grand Sparrows mate for life and is one of the species that creates the large single family flock.
Sailors would wear this tattoo design to honor this good natured little bird as it often would visit them and their ship, well before the sailors could see land.
It became a tradition for a sailor to get one sparrow tattoo for every 5,000 nautical miles of travel. The blockbuster movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” has also revived the interest of people in sparrow tattoos. These sparrow tattoos illustrated as a close up on the head and chest of the bird and calling special attention to the detail of the eyes of the sparrow (the all Seeing Eye) would be pretty darn cool.
Apart from sailors, sparrow tattoos were also popular among prisoners who used to get them after being released from prison. Sparrows were also believed to bring a sailor good luck, so sometimes a seaman would get his tat before heading out in the hopes it would act as a talisman, and help bring him safely home again.
Below, we have presented a collection of 35 sparrow tattoos and some swallow tattoos that will give you more ideas about designs and meanings.
A sparrow tattoo symbolizes freedom, as well as the undying love one can feel for another person. Worn by both men and women, sparrow tattoos come in different styles, sizes and color patterns that evoke diverse emotional responses on an observer.

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