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A tattoo is a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. Tattoo are a cool style statement that are popular among the men and women in equal degree. While some locations might be totally tolerable with only minimal amounts of pain exuded (check out this list of the 10 least painful tattoo locations for girls), other spots are gut-wrenching and incredibly painful- you know, the kind of pain that leaves your eyes watering and your fingernails digging into the chair. To avoid situations like these- or at least be prepared for them- we’ve prepared a list of the 10 MOST painful tattoo locations for girls.1. And while the top half of the arm and lower half is a breeze, it’s the middle of the arm that gives you the most trouble. Right in the dead center of your arm is where you will undoubtedly feel the most pain- both on the outside of the arm (elbow) and inside. But if you’re not and just want a simple arm tat, I recommend staying away from the middle.2.
Now I know the knee isn’t the most common place to sport a tattoo- but if you’re seeking a full leg piece, you will eventually have to have your knee come in contact with the needle.
Bikini Line Advertisement You know that terrible feeling you get when you go in to have your bikini line waxed? That’s what you can expect if you decide to have a tattoo that comes anywhere near your bikini line. Luckily this isn’t a really popular locations for a tat to begin with, but something full leg tattoos go all the way up- which, of course, reaches this line.

If that’s the case, you might just have to grit your teeth and bare with the pain to finish your peace.4. FeetFeet tattoos have become incredibly popular in the female tattoo community in recent years. Not only do they look incredibly cute with your favorite pair of sandals, but they also are hidden out of sight- which is an ideal location for those who don’t want visible tattoos. But I have to warn you: while these foot tattoos might be utterly adorable in every sense of the word, they’re pretty painful. I mean, with the thin skin and veins and bones popping out every which way, I’m sure this didn’t come as a HUGE surprise- right?5. So if you’re in the market for a tattoo that’s out of sight, I suggest choosing an easier location like the stomach or back.
But if you really, REALLY need your butt marked up with something silly or glorious, just be prepared for a very uncomfortable time.6.
Middle BackHave you ever noticed that most people end up with tattoos on the top half or bottom half of their backs? Okay, so tattoos on the back shoulder, across the back, and across the lower back (tramp stamp) DO look nice, there’s more to the story: the middle back hurts. So unless you’re going for a full back piece, I highly recommend staying at the top or bottom- not the middle.7. SpineJust thinking about a needle being drug down my spine sends me quivering- how about you?

Unfortunately for us, upper neck tattoos directly on the spine are becoming increasingly popular in the female tattoo community.
And yes, I totally agree they look dainty, feminine, and adorable- but are they worth the PAIN?
Unless you truly, truly want it and there’s no talking you out of it, I suggest choosing another location- or have something handy to sink your teeth into while they ink you up.8. It’s nothing that will make you shriek in pain or cry, but it will definitely leave you with squinted eyes and an unpleasant feeling throughout your body. Oh, and the buzzing right next to your ear and all through your head might get a little annoying, too!9.
If that’s the case, then you won’t really have a choice but to suck it up and get through it.10. Inner ArmHave you ever realized how sensitive the inner skin of the top half of your arm is? But again, for a full or half sleeve, leaving the inner arm unattended is simply impossible.
But to others, it may be TERRIBLE! What do you think are the most painful locations for a tattoo?

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