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New allies are introduced, that one way or another helps the struggle against the fierce Sith. Extract them (it’s enough just to extract one and your program takes care of the rest) using WinRar or 7-zip. As you land on the planet and disembark from the Ebon Hawk, you'll be intercepted immediately by a representative of the Czerka Corporation, the only really big "player" on the rather desolate Tatooine. Once within the confines of Anchorhead, it's time to go after that Hunter's License, as I mentioned above! As soon as you get out of the building, the creature arguing with the corporation people inside tells you that this killing of Sand People needs to stop. We're going to be dealing with a lot of Sand People now, so it's in your best interest to purchase many healing items and the like. As soon as you leave Anchorhead, you'll run into a woman outside the gates who identifies herself as Marlena, wife to an Anchorhead hunter named Tanis.
In fact, if your back is facing the Anchorhead walls after you talk to Marlena, you'll see five "dots" out in the desert to your left in front of a destroyed Sandcrawler. Once all four droids are freed up from their hacked scripts (keeping in mind that you can use 4 Repair Parts per droid to automatically fix them), talk to Tanis again, who will thank you for your troubles. If you go further up to where the Sandcrawler is, you'll likely be ambushed by a group of three or four Sand People.
You'll find a few people near the broken down Sandcrawler that work for Czerka Corporation.
Behind the Sandcrawler is the entrance to the Sand People Territory, where their fortress is located.
Whether or not you managed to buy HK-47 and have him with you or not will decide how things right now come together. As you go forward through Sand Person-controlled desert, you have to put on your Sand Person Clothes on all three of your characters. Further down this circular corridor, you'll come across another basket, in which you can retrieve a Repair Kit, an Adrenal Strength, an Adrenal Stamina, and 3 Concussion Grenades. Go back, now, to the doors I told you to earlier ignore in the first alcove we entered and raided.
Sand People are notorious on Tatooine for imprisoning the weaker Tatooine natives called Jawas and making them work as slave laborers. Bioware's innovative role-playing game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, is finally here! With the ability to play as one of ten different characters, and with literally dozens of weapons, items, Force powers, skills, and feats to choose from, it's quite easy to get lost in the world of the Old Republic. Malak’s Sith forces continues to wage war against the peaceful, and fragile Republic. This desert planet, as you will learn from the man, has very little going on other than random mining and trade deals. He gives you two vital hints - by finding a droid (HK-47, as you will later find out), you can talk to the Sand People and try to have a diplomatic ending to this endless killing. When you're confident you're all set (Frag Grenades are good to have too), continue further into Anchorhead.
This ambush is absolutely vital, because it'll allow you to, when they're dead, grab one of their "Sand People Outfits" so you can gain access to their camp basically undetected. The Sandcrawler was looted and completely destroyed by the Sand People, and as you speak, wave after wave of them come.
I personally did not have HK-47 with me, and took the Dark Side path for the following event. It is the only way to gain access to the Sand Person City - otherwise, the powerful guns they stole from Czerka Corporation will mow you down like it's nothing. Search the body of the Chieftan to get his Gaffi Stick and a map of the Eastern Dune Sea (which is vital). He also promises that his leader, Iziz, will be waiting at the gates of Anchorhead that "open up to the desert" to reward you.
The massive, long-awaited RPG is a 60 hour adventure filled with hundreds of characters, loads of skills, scores of Jedi powers, six big planets, and a seemingly endless number of side quests. As you go up and swing left, the building on your right will be the building called the Hunting Lodge.

Additionally, you can gain access to the Sand People's lair by stealing the garbs of dead Sand People. When you see her, she identifies you as a hunter (which I guess you kind of are, now that you have yourself a hunting license) and tells you to pass on a message to Tanis. Each droid will have you do something different to repair the interface on that droid and return it to normal.
Help these (rather ungrateful) people fend off the Sand People attacks, and comb the bodies of the Sand People for anything you might find useful.
Hence this part of the walkthrough is written in the non-diplomatic solution of the Sand Person problem - killing each and every one of them.
From the outset, disable (and try to retrieve) the mines flanking the entrance to the Sand Person part of the desert. With HK-47, you can talk to the Sand People and come to a diplomatic solution to your problems (in which HK-47 is one of the few droids that can understand the complicated Sand Person dialects).
There's a bin to the right of this door, however, where you can find an Adrenal Strength, 3 Frag Grenades, and an Adrenal Stamina. In addition, in the baskets in the alcove, you'll find 3 Sonic Grenades, 4 Concussion Grenades, an Adrenal Stamina, 4 Sonic Grenades, an Adrenal Stamina, 4 Frag Grenades, an Adrenal Stamina, 3 Frag Grenades, 4 Concussion Grenades, and an Advanced Repair Kit. After the Chieftan has died (you can talk to him and have him release the Jawas as well, but I chose the Dark path), you'll want to run around the opposite side of the Sand Person City.
It's tough enough just getting from point A to point B without having someone shove their lightsaber up where the sun don't shine. This is where you're assailed by three Dark Jedi looking to collect the bounty on your party's head from Lord Malak. Talk to the man guarding the door, who will ask for your authorization papers (that is, your Hunting License). If you're right in front of Tanis, facing his frontside, the droid to your northeast is droid Northeast, the one to your northwest is Northwest, and so on and so forth. You can take the conversation in way of still killing him and whatnot, or letting him go, or whatever.
Since you'll be fighting primarily Sand People here, who do battle with melee weapons called Gaffi Sticks, it's likely you'll want the three Jedi (you, Bastila and Juhani) in your party. Put on your Sand People outfits and pass on through without killing them, entering the Sand People Territory without any trouble what-so-ever (just don't talk to them or they'll notice you're not actually a Sand Person), or simply killing them for experience. You can search the bags to the left of the Banthas near the entrance for Bantha Fodder if you so desire (it's gross, sure, but you're going to need it later on!) For the sake of the walkthrough, if your back is facing the doorway into this enclave, I'm heading rightward around the path. Now, go through that door, where you'll find two more Sand People that want a piece of you.
The battle gets frantic indeed, and it's likely you'll have no idea what the hell is going on.
There are two doors across from each other on the exact opposite side of the compound from the entrance.
But to master KOTOR, you'll also have to grasp the complexities of Light versus Dark Side, understanding how your choices affect the game from start to finish.
Not only will we show you how to beat the game with our complete walkthrough, you'll also learn everything you need to know about character creation, leveling up, choosing your Jedi's path, and even how to deal with the hundreds of NPC's you'll encounter. From where the Ebon Hawk is parked on the spacepad, you'll first want to go right and to the side of the Ebon Hawk.
Nothing beats three melee lightsaber fighters against Sand People - they barely stand a chance against you. The experience is probably worth it, and since there's no consequence (either light or dark) for doing this, you might as well.
Kill them all, take the male's Gaffi Stick, and grab the 3 Sonic Grenades, the Adrenal Strength, and the 4 Frag Grenades from the basket within this alcove. Start the battle off with some Grenades, but since you should be fighting melee against the Sand People, do it quickly before your people run up to the Chieftan and his guards and start slashing away!
One door leads to a small room with a corpse (which you can get stuff off of if you so choose). We'll get him eventually (he's a hell of a party member to have), but for now, I'd ignore that. You can keep this conversation going as long or as short as you want it, but once the conversation is over, it isn't long before you see Tanis himself.

I absolutely recommend you head back to the Ebon Hawk for an automatic heal before you go any further into Sand Person territory, however!
Be careful for mines as you romp through the desert, and do not get too close to any Sand Person (and definitely don't talk to them) or they'll see right through your disguise.
Within in all of the baskets and such, you'll find 4 Ion Grenades, an Adrenal Stamina,  4 Sonic Grenades, an Adrenal Alacrity, an Adrenal Strength, and 2 Frag Grenades. Go back out to the circular corridor now, slightly left, and through to yet another of these alcoves.
Energy Shields should be on, and use some battle enhancements to give you the edge as well.
Learn about the Jawas and Tusken Raiders (Sand People) that are native to Tatooine, as well as where you can do your shopping, get a Hunter's License, and do all sorts of other things. On the left side of the Ebon Hawk, you'll find another footlocker, in which is an Ion Grenade, Parts, and aRepair Kit. Have your primary character equip TWO lightsabers, and the rest of your party equip melee weapons as well. Marlena has taken his four hunting droids (which she often repairs) and made them turn against Tanis! Once they're dead, or you've snuck through, or whatever it is you've decided to do, pass on behind where they were guarding and enter Sand Person Territory. There are no enemies in here, but this is where the best stuff you can find in this Sand Person City can be found.
The Chieftan can punish you greatly by poisoning your entire party, so use antidotes (or Heal if any of your Jedi know it yet)You can also buy a face mask from the czerka store that protects you from poison.
He'll thank you and offer up a trade with you (if you didn't get it off of the body of the Sand People Chieftan) of the Eastern Dune Sea Map. When you've exhausted this particular man of all of his information, dismiss him and we'll begin our quest here on Tatooine. Just make sure you've thoroughly searched the bodies of the downed Sand People (if you've taken that route), as they all (or most) will have their Gaffi Sticks (which are worth money to Czerka Corporation, it proves you've killed a Sand Person), as well as Bantha Fodder (which we'll need later) and Sand People Clothes, in case you haven't gotten all of the ones you need. Instead, go back out to the corridor and follow it along, cleaning up more of the Sand People problem, and collecting their Gaffi Sticks. Search the rubble, and you'll find a Hyper-Adrenal Strength, a Hyper-Adrenal Alacrity, an Advanced Targeting Computer, an Advanced Computer Tool, Parts, Droid Motion Sensors Type 1, Droid Heavy Plating Type 2, and an Advanced Stun Ray.
He'll tell you that the Star Map (if you ask him) is located there, and a Twi'lek hunter looking to fight a Krayt Dragon can help you. In this pouch, you will find an Adrenal Alacrity, 2 Ion Grenades, and 3 Concussion Grenades. It gets interesting in the conversation because there's lot of different choices you can choose from here.
As you go around the corridor, you'll come to another basket, in which you'll find 2 Frag Grenades, an Adrenal Strength, and 4 Sonic Grenades. You can talk to him about hunting, embarrass him for using droids to hunt, and so on and so forth.
They don't approve to be an incredible threat, however, if you simply meet them with melee resistance. After more talk, she will offer to give you one for killing some Sand People that are giving the corporation's mining efforts a hard time.
If you can bring the Gaffi Sticks back from the particular Sand People that are harassing the miners (and Jawas, too), she'll consider the Hunting License paid for, and even give you bounty money on the Sand People killed! You can even ask him to repay you with Credits, or stop hunting with droids, both of which he'll agree to! Talk to the Rodian behind the counter if you want to buy any goods - otherwise, leave the Czerka Office.

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