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Published: 27.03.2015. Category: Horse Tattoo Designs

View TattoosPIERCINGSWe do ALL Body Piercings and have the BEST prices in Sacramento Guaranteed! View PiercingsTATTOO & PIERCING QUOTESQuit wondering what it would cost to get your Tattoo or Piercing. When you’re looking for a Tattoo or Body Piercing shop in Sacramento what do you usually do? When looking for a belly piercing in Sacramento, a sexy diamond stud for your nose piercing or even a dermal piercing under your eye Stylz Tattoos & Piercing will be more than happy to go that extra mile to make sure you leave happy. Our hand-picked tattoo artists are committed to providing you with the highest quality art and custom tattoo design available in Sacramento. Wash your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning, or touching on or near your piercing for any reason. Using the preferred liquid antimicrobial or liquid antibacterial soap, lather a small pearl size bead of soap in your hand, preferably while showering, and wash the jewelry and piercing for no more than 30 seconds and rinse well.
BEST PRICES FOR BODY PIERCINGSWe are the leader when it comes to Body Piercings in Sacramento.
The relaxed atmosphere at the Victim Tattoo Shop helps customers enjoy their first tattooing experience. What you will not see when you first walk in to the Victim Tattoo Studio is walls filled with flashing graphics of tattoo artwork.
The experienced team of tattoo artists at Victim Tattoo provide safer piercings with a reduced healing time and some of the finest tattoo art designs in Wisconsin.

Along with offering full custom tattoos and tattoo removal at competitive prices, Victim Tattoo also provides services for Body Piercings, Branding, Scarification, Body Jewelry, Custom Paintings, Digital Design and other Artwork.
Their friendly open manner will put you at ease about the whole Tattoo process and they’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. You look for quality work, friendly staff, a Licensed and certified location and one of the most important aspects you look for is having best prices in Sacramento! We do ALL body piercings including nipple piercings, VCH (vertical clit hood) piercings as well as Prince Albert piercings.
We listen to all of your needs and we want to provide you with a tattoo that you will be proud to show off for years to come. Located just minutes from Wisconsin Dells, WI or Baraboo, and about an hour from Madison, Victim Tattoo & Piercing is a popular destination for area visitors and residents alike.
Here at this professionally run studio every tattoo is hand designed to reflect something very personal and unique for each customer.
One of the best on the market is Eternal Tattoo Inks and they have been shown to be the most hypo-allergenic.
Even if you’re not into tattoos or piercings the awesome artwork they have on display is well worth the trip to Reedsburg. With over 100,000 piercings done in Sacramento, we are considered to be the best piercers in Northern California.
Rob offers free consultation and estimates and invites you to stop in to view portfolios of their custom tattoo art designs.

All supplies used are disposable which completely eliminates any possibility of transferring disease to the tattoo artist or client.
If you’re taking Regional Transit just jump on bus #30 and it will get you to our front door! So if your thinking of getting a piercing and wondering where to go then look no further, Stylz Tattoos & Piercings is ready to help. They are also one of the few studios that offers a topical numbing at the customer’s request.
His 'bedside manner' is very comforting, especially since my pain tolerance for the piercing I got was not very high.
This helps provide a more comfortable experience and, in a more relaxed process, a better quality “perfect” tattoo.
In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any and all of your questions about our company and the services we provide.

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