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Based out of Huntington Beach, California, Sullen is an Art-Driven Lifestyle Apparel brand that integrates like minded sub cultures within one platform. All of our designs are hand made originals created specifically for our Company line by some of Todaya€™s Top Tattoo Artists.
1910s: Casey's floral tattoo on her back is inspired by the work of Charlie Wagner, who patented an electric tattoo machineThe first tattoo Casey gets, representing the 1910s, is drawn on the back of her right shoulder. If you are looking to update your look, this Stolen Famous Cool Tattoo Artist Pictures inspired for your needs. Think about the variety of shapes women can get in their wardrobes: skirts, dresses, shorts, crop tops and almost anything that they can come up with, buy or sew themselves.
Sullen Clothing’s tattoo inspired t-shirt prints are true art, and they credit each and every artist that works with them.

He decided to found this company because of this huge passion for tattoos and he now has a big artists family around him.
The artwork is created big and bold and is easy to distinguish even at a distance by the people who know Tattoo Art; Tattoo Artists. She was, however, quite aware that it was going to hurt, and vacillated between excitement and fear before sitting down for the tats.In a timelapse of the creations being drawn, Casey sits down with Seattle-based tattoo artist Clae Welch, who immediately starts emulating the work of eleven different artists who came before him.
The large floral design is done entirely in black and white.The flower was inspired by the work of Charlie Wagner, an artist who got his start as an apprentice to the very man who invented the electric tattooing machine. Many people who got inked were either in the military, in and out of jail, or in the circus. Each and every piece of clothing is designed by an artist and it has a hangtag with the name of the artist and his contact informations.

You will not find any clip art taken from non-copyright books or graphic designers interpretation of tattoo art. Actually named Norman Keith Collins, Sailor Jerry was famous for painting sailors in Hawaii. Now, what if you love tattoos and aren’t exactly what mainstream fashion is thinking of as its target?

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