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Published: 27.09.2015. Category: Female Tattoo Designs

We would like to thank Horimyo for taking the time to talk to us and for allowing us to film his very personal work. If you would like to know more about Horimyo, see more of his work, or even talk to him about possibly creating a tattoo for you the next time you’re in Tokyo, please check out his official website.
1K Films is a full production independent video company working in both the US & Japan. While most tattoo artists today use tattoo machines, all of Horimyo’s art work is applied by his own hands.

Tattoos have become very popular and it’s nice to see other people that have the same interest.
In recent years, many younger Japanese people have begun embracing tattoos as fashion statements, like people do in many western countries. He also took time to tell us about why he strongly believes in traditional Japanese tattoo and the power of art made by hand.
However, there remains a group of traditional Japanese tattoo artists who look at body art as something more than fashion – something spiritual and deeply personal.

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