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Published: 24.05.2014. Category: Tattoo Patterns

The natural fairy tattoos are the ones live in the forests or any other natural environment. Here is my fairy tattoo with vines and butterflies by Reuben at Rude Boy Studios Norwich during the summer of 2007. They can be anything; from a fairy sitting on top of a huge flower or mushroom or maybe a sad fairy looking down at the world beneath her. They are much more carnal and sensual as compared to angels, which gives them a very separate and intriguing identity.

They speak a language of sensuality, depending upon the position of the fairy and the kind of expression on her face.
For example: a fairy wearing a short skirt with her long lanky legs, jumping about in a playful mood will not just look cute and pretty, but also very sensuous and remarkably beautiful. However fairies were not always those sweet little creatures that always did the good stuff. Fairy tattoos can thus interpret different symbols and meanings, all depending on the way they have been portrayed.

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