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Published: 02.10.2013. Category: Tribal Dragon Tattoo

If you're looking to be a pop icon this Halloween, then why not dress up as the king of pop art himself? Check out these great Queen of Hearts costume ideas and DIY tutorials we have collected for you, which range from DIY Queen of Hearts headpiece and pleated cuffs to Queen of Hearts lace gloves. Follow this easy tutorial to make this tutu, wear a black tank, red lipstick with heart on cheek and false lashes.

Here is a roundup of super cool DIY Halloween costume ideas and tutorials for your inspiration, which ranges from DCorpse Bride makeup to Harley Quinn makeup. You will surely get the look you want, and have your guests jumping out of their skin with delight. If you are looking for your Halloween costume, why not have fun this Halloween dressed up as the Queen of Hearts?

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