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I recently got my 2nd tattoo and i didnt change anything to my usual aftercare but i bumped into a little problem while healing this.. Unfortunatly my tattoo artist is in the US, and I am in Germany so it will be hard to visit him. I would dab a teeny bit of pure cocoa butter or Aquafor on the tattoo if i were you, the skin looks really dry and you don't want the other scabs to rip off.
Wash it twice a day and keep lotion on it after, i used to use bepanthen when i got my first tattoo but i found out that i was not reacting well to it so i have been sticking to H2Ocean and that worked for me.
I emailed my artist and he says to keep it moisturized as well so i guess i will do that, i got hte tattoo done last saturday btw. Tattoo Care Form - Dat Ta-TuFailure to follow these care directions properly could extend the healing time needed and keep your Tattoo from looking its best.
Well, it is exactly 1 week since I have done my tattoo (well, to be exact, 7 days and 1 hour) and it is healing nicely partly thanks to the Rosken Dry Skin Cream which the tattoo studio 642-902  recommended (and which I immediately bought at the nearby pharmacy for about RM12).
Well, for my first two tattoos, a thin bandage was applied to my tattoo after the tattooing was finished. I washed the tattoo about 4 times a day, and after washing, a nice thin layer of dry skin cream (Rosken, as mentioned previously) was gently applied onto it, providing it with nutrients, accelerating the skin regeneration process and moisturizing it.
So, yeah, to avoid that, I moisturized the tattoo everyday and it only started to crack yesterday. So now, there’s about 30% of dry skin on my tattoo and hopefully it will fully drop off in the coming weekend.
NO dont rub off the dead skin…always let it fall off naturaly unless you want a swiss cheese tattoo full of holes.

Please advice if i need to apply any other products on the tattoo to get the color back to original red. Life In KLEvents, happenings and outcomes of our lives in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The part on my shoulder towards my chest is red and crusted and there is a hole (!) in it..
I don't have any tattoos, but I was under the impression that some redness was to be expected during early healing. The pigment in that area may not be as dark as the rest so if you don't like that you can get it retouched in 5-8 months. I agree that it looks like a particularly well rooted scab got knocked off somehow, and may have taken a bit of color with it. The dry skin on the cactus and the upper roots area it has totally dropped off, and there you can see it in all it’s glory! The bandaged was removed after about two hours, which then the tattoo was washed with tap water, dried with a facial tissue, and some petroleum jelly was applied to it. Good care must be given to the tattoo on the first few days to make sure that the wound doesn’t get infected (puss, puss!!). Yes, the skin on the tattoo is really really dry, you gotta keep it moisturized so that it can heal properly and seal the ink inside the skin (epidermis?). After taking my shower last night, some of the skin started peeling off and when I woke up this morning, a lot of skin was peeling off. After the all the dry skin has gone, I will go back to applying petroleum jelly onto it, but now, to some more moisturizing.

I already emailed my tattoo artist to ask for tips but i would like to know if anyone has any more tips or not. Nothing a touch up can't fix really, just leave it alone and try not to rub it against anything.
As mentioned in my previous 646-206 post about my third tattoo, a nice frizz of alcohol was sprayed onto my tattoo after it has been done, sanitizing it and effectively killing all the microbes that were hanging around it while giving me a nice rush of pain and adrenaline. Failure to do so might lead to the skin cracking prematurely, which may not be good for the ink.
I had gotten sick the day I got the tattoo and fell asleep the whole day with the gauze on.
If the skin cracks and peels to early, it will expose the new skin underneath it, which is not yet fully developed. No, don’t peel the skin off, if it is loose enough it will be able to drop off if you rub it. A bit of moisture would probably help it feel more comfortable and may keep any other scabs from peeling off and taking color with them. The rejection rate is around the same as well the healing time varies depending upon depth of piercing and the level of activity that the piercee maintains.

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