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The shoulder is a perfect spot to get a tattoo as one can flaunt a shoulder tattoo with style or conceal it completely as required.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. It doesn’t matter if it is your first tattoo; a tattoo design isn’t something you decide on lightly. Your tattoo can initially be something little and that is why a tiny wings body art or butterfly body image are actually common initial options.
Whether big and stylized or small and classic, butterfly tattoos are especially popular on the lower back and chest areas because of the odd symmetry and astonishingly interesting and varied wing color.
These designs are relevant to both men and women, and also relate strongly to the spiritual world. So, if you are planning to have a tattoo this season, my advice would be to have a look at the tribal butterfly designs.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Tribal Tattoos For Men, Hebrew Tattoos, Demon Tattoos, and Aztec Tattoos. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. A butterfly is a lovely insect which consists of 4 life cycles – egg, larva, pupa and adult. Butterfly Tattoo could be inked on different parts of the body – neck, back, shoulder, foot, etc.
Skull butterfly tattoos are one of the most creative and sought after butterfly tattoo designs with tattoo artists styling innovative skull butterfly tattoo designs every day.
It will be easier to cover it later, in the event you decide you want something unique or you regret your selection in future. The butterfly undergoes different development stages in it’s life, becoming more beautiful with every stage. Other butterfly tattoos can be based on rare species such as the Ornithoptera genus (more popularly known as birdwings) – the largest of all butterflies, and the endangered Lycaeides Melissa samuelis. These two types of animals are often confused with one another and people wrongly assume that butterflies are moths flying in the day time.
The best approach to finding images is to use the vast wealth of the internet with its many specialist websites and search engines that can track down specific images. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. In Japanese culture if a butterfly enters your guestroom, the person whom you most love is coming to see you.

I really enjoy to watch at those tattoo photos, because I want to make one on arm and I’m looking for inspiration, so… thanks! The forever changing colors gives the butterfly a good choice for a nice small placement on the wrist and shoulder.
The 3D butterfly tattoos have lately become one of the most sought after tattoo designs among women of various ages.
These stylish chick tattoos are very popular among young women as they symbolize freedom and define the personality of the wearer.
Do not select something extreme like having an enormous moth head covering up your whole back as your very first tattoo. Doing some research in it will tell you that by working with these symbols, you can design a creative butterfly tattoo designs for women which can be your personal signature in itself. Countless women wish they could depict the gracefulness of the lovely butterfly as they go from one life cycle to another.
For most, these images are an expression of liberty, and there 15 to 20,000 well-known and famous species of this animal to copy into the form of a tattoo. Bear in mind that it is important to gain a broad knowledge of various butterflies so that you can choose the body art image that best suits you.
Designs can be an admixture of both kinds of animals and the result of this will be a more diverse and exciting final product.
Alternatively go to your local library and got through their huge range of natural history books. These unique tattoos look like you have a real butterfly perching on your shoulder or wrist. Butterflies are commonly known to represent spirit, freshness and freedom, while skulls symbolize death and ending. There are numerous beautiful ideas available on the internet for shoulder butterfly tattoos. Though people may have mood swings about them, there are some motifs that you cannot possible go wrong with, like a creative butterfly tattoo design for women which are very symbolic and have several meanings attached with it. If it is your first time, always choose a tattoo design that has a special meaning to you, like the mark of a special occasion. By going through trials and difficulties, people experience many of the various life cycles that a butterfly goes through. Furthermore, because butterflies survive by feeding on flower nectar, tattooists tend to depict them flying beside, above or on them.
You can also use your imagination and design something a little more unnatural or surreal if you have the ability.

The skull and butterfly together represent the fact that the old must die or end to give way to a new beginning.
But, it is not an easy job to decide which one will go best with your style and personality. This way you will be attached to it and will not regret getting it inked or may be, go for another one. The butterfly is free to roam any place they please and they migrate to where they need to go. Hence There are many creative butterfly tattoo designs for women are sometimes methods of self expression of various phases that a woman has undergone in her life.
Butterflies can be the basis of some great psychedelic and abstract designs given their peculiarly beautiful shape and intriguing habits. Make sure that you are in the hands of an expert because tribal butterfly designs will need a very neat outline. However, there is also a design that is less popular, but still can make a nice tattoo, and it features a combination of butterflies and star tattoos.
Numerous sites offer skull butterfly tattoo ideas, making it extremely difficult to decide which one will best suit your personality. The following collection can help you find the perfect butterfly tattoo design for your shoulder.
A butterfly tattoo can be a source of inspiration throughout your life, as it is inherently optimistic in nature.
These tattoos can be made anywhere, be it the armband, lower back or the foot; they are bound to give a sexy feel to the wearer.
For making your search easier, we have compiled 20 such tattoos, just scroll down and make your choice. The following collection has shortlisted some of the best skull butterfly tattoo designs for you.
And also since not many people hate a winged tattoo, you are not likely to upset anybody by wearing a beautiful butterfly tattoo. The following collection of 3D butterfly tattoo designs includes some of the most unique ideas for these tattoos.

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