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Do you still remember the first tattoo are you saw?  And which tattoo once let you first move?
Traditional tattoo still popular for men or women, but more like me have not know it’s meaning at the most of time, and more young guys can not accept it’s style but it is nothing just like enjoy is ok.
With skins that have a natural glow , black men and women can carry off any tattoo with style and panache.
The arms of the muscular man looks amazingly attractive with this popular tribal arm tattoo. Seen in the picture is a black woman looking very sexy with her tattoos inked on most parts of her body. The leopard print looks good on both men and women as it is attractive to the eyes and shines too!
On the upper back of this pretty female, there is a small map of the African continent inked. The back shoulder of the black woman looks very attractive with the butterfly and lotus tattoo inked with different colours.
The chest of the black man looks really cool with different kinds of designs that make him look macho.
The giant flower tattoo looks cool on this black woman as it compliments her skin texture and beauty. The woman has her hands and thighs tattooed with impressive designs that give her a unique style to flaunt!

If you are someone who likes to experiment, then getting this tribal tattoo on your face seems like a good choice. After having seen the above tattoo design ideas, most of you would want to get at least one tattoo inked on your bodies.
In this era of sophistication, men & women both haven’t left any limits of fashion or style.
One can’t deny the fact that there is a little element of rebellion inherent in women’s decision to have a tattoo, but more likely it has become a fashion or trend among modern girls. As women are physically smaller and delicately built creatures than men so generally their tattoos are prettier and smaller than men tattoos as smaller and more delicate things are considered for this fragile creature but that doesn’t mean at all that people don’t get large ones but unlike men feminine tattoos are likely to be isolated in one or two areas of body.
Less heavy, less aggressive, thinner lines, all of these features are the generalization of girly tattoos. Here is listed the top 18 tattoo ideas for such men and women on whom nature has bestowed the best skin.
Other tattoos can also be seen imprinted on the whole body like a big star on the inner arm and a whole lot of other designs that look cool.
Tattoos were first popular among men but then by the time women started adapting this thing in their manners. Here will be mentioned some of the best ideas for ladies if they are speculating to have a design on their body parts too. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!

Female or girly tattoos mean tattoos that are more feminine in designs and are only favored by girls and women. Butterfly is the top most rated and the best suitable tattoo pattern for girls while there is a whole world of other ideas like tribal lower back, stars, fairy, flowers, swallow, dragonfly and many others. The look of the tattoo is beautiful and shows the love of this person for his beloved mother. Flower tattoo’s is another popular one as it leaves no reason for women not to have it, Roses, lilies, hibiscus, cherry blossom they all will look great in the areas like above ankle, lower back.
Slightly more rebellious or eccentric but before 20 years tattooing became more socially acceptable, and it started becoming popular and more women tend to get tattoos from celebrities to chic youngsters. No doubt the trend reached its peak when mostly celebrities were publicly spotted tattoos on arms & neck back, wrists, etc. In fact female tattoos, these days have become very attractive and are viewed in a different way.

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