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For these American military veterans their memories of war, loss and suffering travels more than skin deep, but in their healing, they say it's one of the best places to start.'Honor Thy Fallen' a cursive band reads across the bulging left bicep of Army Reserve Drill Sgt. In an emotional collection, the photographs artfully capture the selfless brave men and women whoa€™ve come forward to additionally share their visual stories from memories to the fallen to roses and blotched out names of women they once loved.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Any veteran will tell you that one of the most difficult test for all the service – to return to society, which generally has no idea about the war. Photographer Peter Heypek visited a tattoo parlor Al Herman, located in Silver Spring, Md., and asked the veterans roll up our sleeves and shirts off to show the tattoos and scars.

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I wanted it to be meaningful,' she says of her design that lists five dates, each marking the death of a fellow soldier in her unit who was killed in Iraq during her second deployment there.Like at least one other veteran photographed, her image was inked from a photo of a memorial. The gap between military and civilian is huge – less than one percent of Americans serve in the army, compared with 12 per cent during the Second World War.
While you are fighting, your country has lived his life, and all is not that there is no case … They just can not understand. A lot of years,' he says of the marking of his includes his battaliona€™s motto of Duty Justice Honor.He interprets the image as a mix of good and evil.

Even after years of intense fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, most Americans do not know personally a single soldier, sailor or airman. They are applied to the memory of the dead friends, in memory of the units, their tattoos with various slogans or prayers or cause images that reflect personal experiences and impressions. I think about them every day,' she said of her ink stretching from the top of her shoulder to her elbow.

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