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Published: 14.03.2016. Category: Cross Tattoos Designs

TTS tattoo machines are produced by Technical Tattoo Supply and have been a part of American culture for decades. You are using a Check Debit card or Prepaid Credit card that has just enough funds for the transaction but not enough funds for additional service charges the credit card company is charging you. I am not sure if there would be any difficulties importing these products to Vietnam, you will have to check with Vietnam customs and importation laws before you attempt to order tattoo equipment from anywhere.
For those of you who are long to get this machine I say its worth it i have been using this for a about 3 months or so and I haven’s had to tune it yet, feels great, smooth and well balanced.

Warranty for all of our products are covered by the Hildbrandt Comprehensive Warranty that is stated on the certificates that come with our products. It is common that machines will go out of tune every now and then, so it is important that you learn how to tune it properly. For example for certain skin types, you may need to adjust your needle depth to a different depth. Also, everyone is born differently, with variations in their skin, as you gain experience, you will notice that certain ways of tuning tattoo machines applies to specific situations.

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