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Published: 25.10.2014. Category: Music Tattoo Designs

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Either the page you requested never existed, was deleted by the user, or it was removed for violating our terms of service. 18 year old Stian Ytterdahl, showed his extreme love for Mcdonald after tattooing the receipt on his arm.
McDonald’s Norway has denied that it is a PR stunt, saying they have never heard anything like it before.

Although creating a dragon tattoo design can be a bit complex and might take some time, they are definitely well worth the wait. When we were in the restaurant on Monday, they said I had to tattoo a Barbie doll on my bum, or the receipt on my arm,I got an email from my dad that wasn’t entirely positive, saying “What on earth have you done?!
Originating from various legends across the world, these winged, fire-breathing creatures have fascinated mankind for a long time. Women sporting a dragon tattoo may do so to represent qualities like strength and creativity.

Various forms of dragon tattoos exist, and both Chinese and European versions are equally popular. The tattoo itself can be made by using only traditional black ink; alternatively some may prefer a more colorful version.

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