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Published: 02.01.2015. Category: Horse Tattoo Designs

To the right are two recent pieces done at Tattoo America’s Nashua, NH location on Main St. As you can see, the composition and color of the included pieces have a great deal to do with the knowledge of the tattoo artist, but the inspiration for each tattoo comes from the customer.
My mother married a tattoo artist when I was very young, I’ve been around tattoos longer than I can remember.
Though by the time I was sixteen my step father had fallen out of my life, I continued tattooing with the techniques I had learned from him.
At this point I started to realize that the technical part of tattooing was something you really only learn from practice and it’s the artwork itself, the significance of each tattoo that truly makes an artist truly stand out. Beginning a new chapter of my artistic journey, I’ve returned to my home in Nashua, New Hampshire and opened a private studio catering to individuals seeking more unique and personalized art, designed specifically for them.
Please use the form below to send me a message or to describe the work you would like done.
Please Note: I am currently booked out and taking requests on a waiting list and getting to them in an orderly fashion. Both are custom tattoos and are the results of an effective collaboration between customer and artist.

Honing my craft by doing what all professional tattooers tell you not to do – working out of peoples houses. He took me under his wing and gave me the opportunity to grow, in which I will be forever grateful for both his friendship and wisdom. Sometimes in a dream, or sometimes a great tattoo comes from years of shape shifting in the customer’s mind. Both patrons left knowing that they’ve got a lifelong piece of specialized artwork that no one else will be able to truly recreate. In middle school I began practicing the art of ‘old school’ tattooing by making needles and mixing the pigments myself. While it did manage to get me where I was going, I’ve now attended several seminars as well as sat in on discussion panels presented by respected industry artists who have also launched their careers this way, and I fully agree with them when they say NOT to. After learning from and working with John for five years, I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Jeff Gogue, an artist I greatly respect and admire. I had already been comfortable with the technical side of the work, and with a little schooling in drawing, painting and charcoal I felt like my world was stirred up and I now had a a more focused direction to continue in. This is what motivates and excites the professional artists that are privileged enough to work for, or have apprenticed under, Scott Jones.

Then at the age of twelve when my brother and I received tattoo machines for Christmas, we gave each other Japanese tattoos symbolizing older and younger brother.
I packed up and left New Hampshire to move 3,000 miles across the country to continue my quest. Scott Jones owns Tattoo America and, most likely, if you’ve found a tattoo artist in NH or MA, they’ve either apprenticed under him, worked for him, or most definitely know of him. From that moment I was hooked and I started tattooing any fruit or vegetable I could pull a line on. One could say that the real catalyst behind any true piece of artwork will always remain undefined. Maybe, “a picture equals a thousand words,” is the closest we can get to artfully relaying the creative spark that looms above artists and hovers above tattoo customers.

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