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If you want to make a tattoo to disguise your acne scars, let me tell you that this is very time consuming. As scars have very delicate tissues and they are very closer to new skin, tattooing over them can prove very painful. Dermatologists suggest their patients to make a small tattoo on their scars to test the particular area, whether their skin accepts the pigment or not. I had gotten 35% of my body burned with some severe 3rd degree burns a little over 14 years ago.
Not got a clue what I'm talking about realistically but personally think there shouldn't be any trouble if you get yourself to a decent artist.
Not saying you need to see Guy necessarily, but you do need to find an artist who is capable of working well with scarred skin.
Not yet, however ive been in contact with Guy Aitchison off and on and he reassured me all of my scars are tattooable.
Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post seeeking advice for a cover up of an awful tattoo! If an individual, having deeper marks or rough texture of the scars, it will take more time.

He will guide you about your decision as he may know some causes that may alter your decision.
If you want to make a small tattoo then a normal tattooist can help you but when it is concerned to bigger one, go to an extra professional artist. Ive asked over a dozen tattoo artist theyre oppinion about the matter and they all gave me drastically different answers with little hope so i guess im here to get a more accurate perception of what my options are.
Many burns get tattood over with no problem, a friend of mine is having his currently done over. He did a complete sleeve on a man many years ago who was extensively burnt in a house fire. You may not be able to have EXACTLY what you want, due to the scarring, but a great artist will create something very special for you. I was told by a few artist that if i did get a cover up it couldnt be anything even moderately detailed.
If you have scars on the back or face or at some difficult areas, it is painful to remove it.
First try to know the facts related to it and its safety before going for the complete procedures.

And one thing you should know that the scars should be minimum one year old before attempting for a tattoo as the damaged tissue takes more time to heal. Else, you can even ask him for the good tattooist who have successfully carried out such procedures.
Im wanting to get all my burns covered with japanese style art and any advice on the matter would be great.
I have thick, not thin scarring on my body some raised and rigid other areas smooth and flat.I realise this is a much different case than normal scars like acne,cuts,minor burns etc. Guy (in a collaboration with Jon Clue, I think) used the texture of the skin in the design of the tattoos, to amazing effect. Covering the scars with the tattoo is the tricky thing to do and it is carried out better by the professionals.

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