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The closest I ever came to getting a tattoo was when my girlfriend offered to put up $500 for one, so long as it had her name in it. In the ’90s, I toured in rock bands, and a day off in Boston could mean a band road trip to Providence where, again, I would sit around flipping through hot rod magazines while my bandmates got inked by some guest-spot, hotshot tattooer from the West Coast. So, when my editor said he needed a story on the tattoo scene in Charlottesville, I said, “Yeah, no problem.” Finally, all those hours hanging around tattoo parlors would get put to use.
After some thought, I realized I had never gotten a tattoo for the same reason that tattoo artists devote their lives to making them. A couple years later, because of the paucity of tattoo seekers in C’ville, Weeks moved his business to Roanoke and then to a very small town in West Virginia where he cared for his ailing mother. Anyway, these days the masters of ink spend as much time fixing art as making it, but the path of the tattoo artist is the same as it’s always been.
I chose the three artists profiled here because of their reputations and, at least in one case, just because I wanted to talk to the guy. Flash Gordon, jeans tucked into boots, wearing a ballcap that has shaded him from many a summer sun, in the middle of yard chores and reluctant to meet the press in his day-off duds, collared his eager dog and scoped me with a jaundiced eye as I stepped out of my car at his studio, Flash Tat-2, a few miles south of town on Route 20.
Among the numerous interviews and feature offers from local press he has declined, Flash claims to have spurned Channel 29 three times over the years.
Flash held various side jobs and tattooed at different places in and around Charlottesville, even returning to Northern Virginia parlors for weeks-long guest spots.
Nightingale is renowned for receiving a patent on a tattoo machine in 1979—the first patent issued for such a device in 50 years—and for writing the novella, The Tattoo Baron. Traditional American is the name for the art sailors and bikers used to sport: pin-up girls, hearts, eagles, a bottle of booze with a pithy phrase like “My Ruin,” or Betty Boop.
A lot of the work Flash does now is cover-ups of poorly-done tattoos that people are tired of living with.
It’s been 85 years since Fry’s Spring Station became a cultural centerpiece in the neighborhood, and for the second time in its lifespan the iconic building and the business inside it have been overhauled.
Family     Family Art JAM Jacob Lawrence’s Struggle: From the History of the American People is the inspiration for kids ages 8-14 to collaborate with adults on art and discussion. Tavola doesn’t take reservations, no matter how nicely you ask, but it’s always worth the wait. Named for its deep amber hue, amber wine (also called orange wine) is skin-fermented white wine. Festival       The Bridge PAI Revel Dubbed the “rebellious rendition” of the nonprofit fundraiser, this alternative party celebrates creatives in the community, and features local food and drinks, plus entertainment and live music throughout the night.

C-VILLE Weekly is seeking submissions for our photo contest, presented by LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph—specifically creative, high-quality images of local scenes (and people in local scenes!).
The first time I visited the Cote-Rotie food truck, I knew it would be at Champion Brewing Company before long. Festival       Grand Marquee Gala Don your Oscar-worthy attire and support the Paramount Theater’s mission and community events during this Hollywood-style evening.
Festival       Fridays After Five Enjoy the weather, tunes from local jam band Kendall Street Company and eats from numerous area food trucks. Festival       The Piedmont Arcades Enjoy a night of food, wine and music at Victory Hall Opera’s spring fundraiser and performance. Charlottesville may be a couple hours away from the nearest ocean, but luckily that doesn’t stop seafood from making its way into the hands of capable fishmongers here in the mountains.
Festival       Charlottesville Dogwood Festival carnival opening  Bring the whole family to the first night of the carnival at this 67th annual event.
I meet [David Lith] at The Goth Shop, a clothing store and tattoo parlor housed in a mall in the affluent Westlands neighborhood of Nairobi.
A 2011 estimate put the Nairobi’s goth community at 300, but The Goth Shop has nearly 1,000 fans on Facebook and Oh My Goth Designs has more than 2,000. A few weeks into the assignment, I had done nothing toward the story because I had no idea how to get interested in the subject. In 1982, Weeks opened what was, as far as he knew, the first tattoo parlor in Charlottesville.
He landed back here a few years ago and now runs Mystic Tattoo and Piercing at the bottom of Pantops.
People drawn to using the human body as a canvas, wanting to make art their lifestyle and celebrate the impermanence of the flesh.
I asked girls around town sporting conspicuous and eye-catching work where they had had it done.
Among the not-yet-fixed-up antique American sedans scattered about the property was a styling, black, early ’60s Cadillac limo, which, according to information Flash pulled from the DuPont registry, was once owned by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.
The next time Flash went back to Nightingale’s shop it was closed for the night, but he was directed to a studio around the corner where he got a tattoo from Joe Farrar, a partner to Johnny Walker who had worked in Hawaii alongside legendary innovator in the Traditional American style, Sailor Jerry Collins. It is distinguished by simple, bold lines, black shading, and concrete images, done in high-contrast colors, like primary hues of red and green. The advent of digital photography has made it easier for guys like Flash to cover a shoddy or regrettable work.

Sleek and precise, they seem built of different stuff than the rest of our physical selves—something more deeply connected to the root of who we are.
Fermenting white grapes on their skins is a technique that once pervaded the ancient wine world. Click here to get started telling us your favorite people, places and things in Charlottesville and get your favorites on the final ballot. Since opening in 2012, the downtown brewery has become the capital of Charlottesville food trucks, and hosts one almost every night.
Walk the red carpet and then enjoy dinner from Harvest Moon Catering, jazz performances, a silent auction and dancing. He’s been serving them up since his college bartending days at UVA, and in 2001 he began working with his brother, Andy McClure, when Andy bought The Virginian on the Corner. And we love Charlottesville, where there’s more than 400 places (we counted) to satisfy a craving. The Norway native worked for a wine importer and distributor in New York after college, and before he began distilling for a living, he dabbled in making moonshine and whiskey in his own kitchen.
The very existence of this shop is noteworthy – it is fairly unusual to hear rock music in bars or shops in East Africa, much less experience anything related to goth culture. Across the several parlors [I] visited, most had at least one goth-influenced artist on staff. Thanks to the launch of a rock-heavy radio station, XFM, and an increasingly popular metal DJ called Van Doom, the number of young Kenyans partaking in goth culture seems likely to expand in the near future.
Contemplating that commitment, and the related responsibility unique to the tattoo artist, made me realize that I actually wanted to hear what they had to say about their world.
His own portfolio is a mixture of ingenious cover-ups and a wide-ranging array of styles from Traditional American to detailed renderings of tribal texts and symbols. How could I know when I was going to have kill someone on a beach one day, in broad daylight, wearing only a bathing suit? In the same alleys I waited for the same buddies to take a few minutes with the ladies of the flesh economy, another indulgence I miraculously avoided. There was little or no regulation in the tattoo business, and his clientele was comprised of bikers and fringe elements.
They are all committed body artists and each holds a deep reverence for the history, mystique, and deeply personal nature of their ancient craft.

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