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Published: 17.09.2015. Category: Female Tattoo Designs

I have been tattooed for a long time now, they are the symbols of my personal rights of passage, my next steps into the great unknown, accompanying me along the way. The first is Hand in Glove, where the poised and super talented Romain Pareja tattoos with old school precision. The other is the beautiful, mystical l’Encrerie, where a black and green velvety boudoir welcomes you to the hands of beautiful nyriads who tattoo you with artistic precision and originality, you can read more about my visit to l’Encrerie here and visit their beautiful website here and where they talk about Paris hues here!
Water, anchors, cherry blossom and the words of a Joni Mitchell song that mean a lot to me, remind me of what I want to be.

Having learnt alongside the famous tattoo artist Tintin, he is a fully fledged influence in the art of tattooing with a real goodness of heart and warmth that his team (Benoit, Fabrice and Hugo) all posess too. I have been tattooed in many places across the world and every time it’s a different and challenging experience.
I know so many people who have tons of tattoos but because they are all done by the same artist they all have the same feel and style.
If you love tattoos or have some of your own, do not hesitate to write to me again to talk about them!

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