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North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal offers complete removal, lightening, or partial removal of tattoos. You may have a tattoo that had several parts and you want areas removed that may be exposed on your arms or neck. We encourage patients to consider lightening existing tattoos before applying a professional cover-up.
At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal we will remove the entire tattoo or part of it and help with lightening your tattoo as needed.
Cynthia M.Ned walked me through the whole process and explained how the tattoo removal process works.
My only regret is not getting it done sooner!Simon T.These people are very professional and make you feel completely welcome.
To provide you with the most up to date, laser tattoo removal equipment and techniques available. Our  resident tattoo artist, Vandal, wanted to get an older tattoo removed so who better to do it then us. If you’re considering laser tattoo removal and live in Las Vegas, then be sure to give us a call. Free Consultation: Please feel free to drop by the shop or you can contact us via email or phone. The Q-Plus Series of tattoo removal devices sets the standard by which all other devices are measured.  It is the only device on the market to offer 3 true laser wavelengths including the 694nm Ruby which is perfect for treating the difficult green and blue inks.
The Optibeam technology offered on this machine features flat topped, square spot and homogenizing optics. There are many lasers on the market but none that compare to the Q-Plus series which provides much higher performances when compared to other Q-switched lasers on the market. Fotona's QX MAX Q-Switched laser technology generates single nanosecond pulses, which are more efficient at removing pigment than multiple-pulse technologies of equivalently high power. Are you tired of looking at the tattoo on your arm, leg, stomach or shoulder?A  Maybe your tattoo signifies a time in your life that youa€™d like to forget. After years of perfecting laser light science, tattoo removal is now more effective, permanent and safer than ever before. Exhale Body Rejuvenation is very excited to be the first clinic on the Gold Coast to install the Spectrum QS Laser Tattoo Removal Machine. The Spectrum radiates the light of specific wavelengths in a high peak, ultra-short nanosecond energy pulse.
Typically the Spectrum QS will remove tattoos in just 5 - 7 treatments depending on factors such as the age of the tattoo and the ink that has been used.

Mark Wahlberg has decided to undergo tattoo removal of his half dozen, or so, tattoos and is making it a family affair, bringing along his children to dissuade them from getting inked.
Laser tattoo removal is a procedure that uses a powerful light of specific wavelengths that reacts with the ink of a tattoo to break it down into tiny particles. This is dependant on size, but as a guide line an small to average size tattoo is $250 per treatment.
It is recommended that patients take a non-aspirin pain medication prior to the procedure, to help reduce any discomfort they may experience. A laser tattoo removal treatment can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or two depending on the size of the tattoo and the colours involved. Most patients can resume their daily activities immediately following a laser tattoo removal treatment. Immediately after each treatment, the treated area may feel sunburned, and it is extremely important to keep it covered until it heals. An example of partial tattoo removal is removing a name inside of a tattoo banner, skillfully removing the name without disturbing the surrounding tattoo. Existing tattoos are often visible underneath a cover-up. Lightening your existing tattoo creates the opportunity for a perfect cover-up from your artist.
He wanted the forearm piece removed so prior to getting it done he talked it over with Anthony, the head of our laser tattoo removal program.
There is currently no  technology that can remove it in one session unless of course you consider cutting it out with a knife. As the leading facility for tattoo removal, our staff is highly knowledgeable, our place is as clean as it comes, and our experience staff can advise you from both a technical and hands-on approach. This helps equally distribute energy across the beam, providing more efficient laser treatment. By closing this message or continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies on this device.
The results are almost instant and with only a few treatments you can say goodbye to your body ink. The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by the pigment and results in an instantaneous blast.
Several other celebrities have removed tattoos - especially those who had their significant other's name inked on them, such as Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen and former married couple Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton. The laser directly targets the tattoo pigment and leaves the surrounding skin virtually untouched. The largest risk is infection, but when post-treatment instructions are followed, infection can usually be prevented.

A lot of patients describe the pain from the laser as feeling like a hundred rubber bands striking the skin at the same time. You will need to avoid exposing the treated area to the sun and strenuous physical activities that may affect the treated area. If you fail to do this, both your recovery and the results of the treatments may be negatively affected. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, or IPL, is a similar procedure but it comes with a heftier price tag. We welcome input from your tattoo artist to best determine the level of lightness required for the best look of your body art. After a few minutes of inspection and looking over the piece, the Quanta Q-switch was turned up, the goggles put on and the session began. Also, black and gray tattoos tend to be easier to remove whereas certain color work may require more sessions.
These are but a few of the reasons thousands of men and women every year are removing their tattoos. The pigment particles are shattered into fragments, parts of them will be bounced out of the skin and the other parts will be spilt into tiny particles that can be engulfed by phagocytes and then eliminated by the lymphatic system. After the ink is broken down, it is removed by the bodya€™s immune system, creating a natural looking fade that typically only time or sun exposure would produce.
To help alleviate some of this pain, you may have a cold compress applied to the treatment area prior to the procedure.
There is also dermabrasion, which removes the top layer of your skin using abrasive friction, and a number of do-it-yourself creams which have been said to not be as effective as laser tattoo removal. We’ll be releasing a full story about which colors are easier to remove so stay tuned. Please check with Fotona, your local Fotona distributor or your national regulatory body to find out whether a specific product or application is available for sale and use in your country. Once it’s broken down, the ink particles become small enough to be removed by the body’s immune system. The main intent of the LA&HA website is to facilitate an exchange of information on the views, research results, and clinical experiences within the medical laser community. The contents of the contributions on the LA&HA website may not in any circumstances be regarded as official product information by Fotona.

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