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Published: 16.05.2014. Category: Tattoo Patterns

Students and parents claim an eighth-grade student was running a piercing operation inside the bathroom.
But parents of Salem Church Middle School eighth graders tell CBS 6 an eighth-grade student had her own piercing space inside the girls’ bathroom at the school and claim more than a dozen stepped up to take advantage of her services. Back at the Hull Street tattoo parlor, Cavendish pointed out the precautions she always takes.

Bacterial infections can range from minor skin eruptions to deadly infections of the brain or lining of the heart if left untreated from piercings in unsanitary conditions. They acknowledge they've heard about the allegations, but say they’re being handled by school administrators. Yes indeed the ear piercing in the bathroom does have the potential to be dangerous and yes should be discouraged.

Sounds like a bright young lady with lots of potential if it’s not snuffed out over this incident.

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