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Step inside of the imaginative world of Timothy Boor and you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful surrealistic designs. When did you realize that you wanted to become an artist and make it your career?I don’t actually remember the day that I decided that I wanted to make art my career.
You have such an amazing understanding of color theory and other imperative art principles. One of the coolest features about your work is that while you are so skilled in realism, you also add this great surrealistic element to your designs and it really makes your work stand out.
When you plan a piece out, do you incorporate those elements of surrealism into the design or does it just progress as you tattoo?A little bit of both, but mostly preplanned. You are now working at the world-renowned Last Rites Tattoo Theatre with Paul Booth and an amazing crew.
Can you tell us what it’s like working at Last Rites and what the creative atmosphere of the shop is like?Last Rites is amazing! What are some of your favorite things to do outside of tattooing?Hanging out with my wife and kids. Any final words for Jinxi Boo readers?In the immortal words of the great Bob Ross:“The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Featured are gorgeous colored pencil and acrylic portraiture pieces by this multi-talented dynamo who is based in Toluca, Mexico.
I just wanted to send a Friday shout-out to my good friends over at Tattoo Patrol Magazine. Check out their website and be sure to follow them on twitter for the latest and greatest Tattoo Patrol news. As a longtime fan of Lawrence Yang, I was thrilled to find this fantastic video of him talking about his artwork, life, influences, and ideas.
It just occurred to me that I have never written a blog update about our epic move back to Riverside. You might recall a post I wrote a few years ago about my love for the City of Riverside and my regret in leaving "home" and moving out to Tract Home-Land in 2003. As we entered into the summer of 2011, we realized that the school year approaching found us with our oldest, Brynn, ready to enter her senior year of high school, and the twins preparing for their freshman year. We then turned to Aidan and Shea to see how they felt about relocating and starting their 9th grade year at my high school alma mater in Riverside.
Many, many viewings and offers later, we found the 99 year-old beauty that we now call home. With the front yard feeling pulled together, Sunday morning, we decided to move our attention to the backyard and embark on a new project. Whether on skin, paper, or canvas, his ability to weave realistic elements amongst creative juxtapositions makes his portfolio an adventure to dive into; while meeting the person behind the talent will only make you appreciate him that much more. Do you remember drawing and creating a lot as a kid?Yes, I have been drawing for as long as I can remember.
How many years have you worked in the realism genre?  What is your favorite type of piece to design and tattoo?I started out wanting to be a cartoonist, but I have been into realistic styles of art from an early age. I tend to spend some time working through these types of ideas before committing them to skin.
Paul has really geared the shop to inspire creativity and be a pleasing environment for artists to work.
I also play guitar, bass, drums, and sing in a few recording projects with fellow musician friends of mine. One of my favorite sayings is, “ The wisest man on earth is only wise by first knowing that he does not know it all.” Always be open to learning from others. I was honored to be featured on the cover of their June, 2011 issue (there's also an article inside about me) and want to remind all of you ink lovers in the Netherlands to pick up the new September issue, chock full of excellent artist spotlights, fantastic color photos, and updates on tattoo-related events and businesses.
When I say "epic" I don't mean it in the sense that it was a long distance trek or that we moved into some grand dwelling. At the time I wrote that blog, moving back to our roots seemed nearly impossible given the ages of the kids, the grades that they were in school, and our situation at the time; but my oh my, how things can change within the scope of 18 months or so. Being the cool and open-minded gents that they are, they were both completely down for it, and actually excited about new beginnings.
We began by giving it a new exterior coat of paint (in addition, I have been painting the interior, room by room, and still have a few to go); as well as removing all of the lawn in the front yard and replacing it with California Native plants, which are drought-tolerant and cut back big-time on the amount of water needed to keep things in check.

Kind, sincere, and humble, Tim is a true treasure in the tattoo industry.It’s not surprising that his professional journey has led him to such artistic destinations, as he has been interested in art for as long as he can remember. I used to watch TV shows like “Commander Mark’s Draw Squad” and “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross," every day. Can you tell us about it and about some of your journey in becoming such an accomplished tattoo artist?I don’t have any formal training, really. How many years have you been a tattoo artist now?A good friend of mine had decided to open a tattoo shop. I knew he was skilled in multiple styles and could teach me what I needed to learn in order to pursue my desire to do realism.
How often do you find time to work on art that isn’t skin-related?I began oil painting at the age of ten.
What are some of your goals for the coming year?My goals are always the same - to continuously improve and grow artistically and become the best artist I can be. If you missed my Inkerview with Lawrence, be sure to give it a read and check out many of examples of just why he is so awesome.
With Brynn now driving and her ability to commute to school to finish up her last year there, this previously pressing issue regarding her high school situation, found itself solved. With Steve's job now permanently based in Riverside, it seemed as though everything was falling into place to journey back to our home turf.
He grew up mesmerized by painting shows on television and luckily, had an intuitive mom who saw his talent early on and got him started taking oil painting classes at the young age of 10. The day I got introduced to the works by the great masters of the Renaissance and Baroque eras really lit the fire in me to grow and try to push myself to that level.
He himself did not tattoo but was approached by a tattoo artist to open a shop in a building that my friend owned.
I have always been drawn to art and written works with a meaning or story to be deciphered. A good friend and fellow artist, Ryan Hadley, offered me the opportunity to do a guest spot with him at Last Rites and I accepted, of course. My hometown of Kokomo, Indiana has a huge population of 45,000 compared to NYC’s measly 8 million. I took a few years off from art in my teenage years because I got heavily into playing instruments and music, so didn’t draw much. I used to do graphic design work for DaimlerChrysler and a few website developers there got me interested in digital art.
Also, find artists whose work fits the style of art you wish to do yourself, get tattooed by them, and pay attention. But to us, it was very special because we moved into what we consider our "dream home" (besides, a tiny house, that is - which isn't very practical at this point in our lives with three teenagers to care for, but we hope will be someday) and the significance of the relocation was pretty "epic" to our family.
And so we enlisted the help of April Glatzel, our sweet, fun, and stellar real estate agent (who also happens to be a vegan and now one of my close friends), and began our home search. Once he was introduced to the work of Renaissance and Baroque masters, there was no turning back in his desire to learn more; while soon thereafter, finding the Surrealistic movement caused Tim to delve into art like never before.
My mother recognized my interest in art and signed me up for oil painting lessons from a teacher at a local gallery at the age of 10. Then my mind seriously opened to a whole new way of expression once I became aware of the art from the Surrealism movement.
Other than a couple years of oil painting lessons as a child and a 10-day workshop in Florence, Italy a few years back, it came mainly from books and studying the art of great artists. I got called back to work and the long factory hours, along with having my first-born child, Chloe, made it too hard to balance it all out. I must have drawn Axle Rose 80 times!My favorite type of tattoos to create is concept-driven pieces.
I didn’t end up tattooing much but worked on an oil painting at one of the stations over the three days I was there. I wish I had spent more time painting now, but in between tattooing and raising three kids it gets a bit difficult to find the time.
Like I am in the cocoon phase of developing my art and getting ready to bust out the wings.As for my work, who knows? Quaint, cozy, and about one-third the size of the homes we resided in when we lived in Eastvale, we instantly loved it and were so thrilled when the deal went through and we began packing up to move east.

Boor’s paintings are spellbinding and full of colorful surrealistic qualities, with symbolism and parables intertwined. I got accepted into an art college out of high school, but decided not to go because the schools within my reach didn’t seem to have a focus on realism. I love it when a client gives me an emotion or a story with meaning that I can interpret visually.
I enjoy having to figure things out a bit and use my mind instead of everything being flat-out and spelled out for me.
At Last Rites we do at least one Art Fusion painting a month in front of a crowd at gallery openings. Also, as corny as it sounds, believe in yourself and work you ass off to get what you want. And his graphite black and grey work features realism at it’s finest, always with those special “Tim Boor” touches prominently displayed.
I worked in a factory at the time so I decided to give it a try, a couple of hours a week after work.
It gave me enough money to get by until I could build up my cliental and survive as a tattooist. So, Paul occasionally shoots blow darts at us while we are tattooing, but I’m sure all bosses do the same.
Every day on the train to work I do what I like to call “visceral drawing.” Basically, it’s drawing without thinking. Yet that same thing is what drives me.I want my art to go more into the surrealism realm that I enjoy so much. Lucky for ink collectors, Tim has taken his talent to the tattoo machine as well, where you will find this same outstanding blend of colorful realism and surrealism, with brilliant blends and true character throughout.
A few months later I was informed by a fellow artist that Last Rites was looking to hire a new artist who leaned more toward color tattooing. I try to clear my mind of any preconceived idea of what the drawing must be or end up looking like and just be free to create any and all things that might come naturally. So I’ve had a trial-by-fire type of learning experience with acrylics.Other than that, I like regular graphite, colored pencil, and would love to get back into sculpture.
Most are stunned to learn that Tim has only been tattooing for four years, as his work shows signs of a seasoned veteran, not to mention that he resides at one of the most famous tattoo shops in the world, the one-and-only Last Rites, owned by legendary tattoo artist Paul Booth. Even though it may not be the meaning I had in mind, I like allowing them to feel it out for themselves a bit. In Kokomo, NYC is characterized as a place that you get mugged and shot within 10 minutes of stepping off the plane.
He has been a full-time tattoo artist at Last Rites for almost a year now, after landing the gig when Booth put out a call for a new color-focused artist. It mainly consisted of the basic intro stuff and lasted about six months, during which time I did a handful of small tattoos and got the general idea. I always try to think of things in a different way and I usually scrap my first ideas because they seem too obvious.
Needless to say, I was very honored and excited by the opportunity to work along side of these guys. Tim loves his newfound home in New York City and even more so, loves the atmosphere at Last Rites and the creative team that he works with each day, calling the guys there his “best friends” and lovingly referring to them as “one big happy dysfunctional family.”It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk to Tim and learn more about his journey as a tattoo artist and painter. I ended up quitting because I didn’t feel like I was learning the tools I needed to do the type of art I was interested in doing. I think that you will find that beyond his work, he is sincerely a kind, down-to-earth guy who loves what he does and appreciates each opportunity that has come his way. This husband and father definitely has his priorities straight and I am certain that he has nothing but a bright and successful future ahead of him in all that he does.

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