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Our shop at 2200 West 46th Street, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.This is where our local artists find quality tattooing supplies!
Pro Tattoo and Medical Supply is your home for quality tattooing supplies at an affordable price! As we head into our third year of providing quality tattooing supplies to our customers local and farther away, Pro Tattoo and Medical Supply continues to grow and new products are added regularly!
Our business philosophy is to provide tattoo artists quality products from both the tattooing and medical markets that enhance the artist's job, and brings more efficiency to their work.
Pro Tattoo and Medical Supply is a brand of Kreisers, Inc., a Sioux Falls, SD based medical supply company since 1905! Billings, MT, Sioux Falls, SD, Rapid City, SD, Milwaukee, WI, Sioux City, IA, Brooklyn Park, MN. There are a wide range of components required for any self-respecting tattoo artist.  Not least of these is the power supply required to run your machine.

Look at your main tattoo machine, is it rotary or coil operated, some power supplies will only work with one or the other and some with both.
Factor in the size of your supply, depending on whether you are always in one place or you attend exhibitions can decide if you need a more portable supply or are happy with a larger model. Think about the number of machines you want to run from one supply, some artists prefer a separate machine depending on whether they are lining or shading, however this again will also affect your price range.  Being able to switch between multiple machines will often mean a higher price. Without meaning to repeat myself the final factor comes back to the overall price tag, you ideally want to address all the above points and find something within your price range to find your perfect machine. Hopefully this has illustrated for you some of the various features you need to be aware of when choosing the right power supply for you. As tattooing gained popularity in the 80's and 90's, we were selling basic medical supplies to the tattoo artist locally. This is necessary to keep them working to the best of their artistic abilities and is not something to be acquired carelessly.  We take a look at some important considerations to help you decide which model is right for you.

Sliding pressure locking mechanism for fast chair layout changes assures minimal movement during the session.
Recently, we decided to expand our offerings to the tattooist to include a larger array of medical products, importing quality tattoo needles and disposable tubes, and teaming up with one of the best ink makers on the market, Eternal Ink.
We believe in getting the order out the door when the customer orders it and following through with our promises!
Now, with the added convenience of web ordering, our new website gives artists and shops across the country another option for supply ordering.

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