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Published: 05.04.2014. Category: Tattoo Patterns

If switching up your hair color wasn't a drastic enough way to ring in the new year, then perhaps getting some new ink will do the trick. Red Rocket isn't on the LES or in Brooklyn, but you can expect some great things from this West Side shop. Favored by ink lovers for it's friendly staff and modest pricing, North Star has become a New York City tattoo staple. Last year, Adorned closed its Brooklyn location, so all of its talented tattooers and piercers are now under one roof at the 2nd Avenue location.
This East Village tattoo shop is a favorite among neighborhood locals and anyone who appreciates good ink from a staff that's mastered fine lines and bright colors. Dare Devil can give you an awesome old-school, tradition style tattoo, but it doesn't stop there, as Brad Fink and Bern are top notch when it comes to Japanese-style tats.

Kings Avenue Tattoo is noted for is incredibly clean presentation and patient, attentive staff. We've already covered how to pick a good tattoo shop, but since we wouldn't want to leave you high and dry without any personal recommendations (tip #3), here's eight of them in foolproof map form. Last year, we compiled a list of eight of our favorite tattoo shops in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
The recently-renovated space boasts an impressive array of artists who specialize in everything from Japanese styles to intricate black-and-gray shading to traditional-style color pieces. And ladies: If you're a little shy about getting that thigh tat done by a man, you'll be pleased to know that about half of East Side's staff is female.
As a bonus, you can find the same artists at their sister shop, FunCity Tattoo, which is located on Saint Marks.

Previous patrons assure that after an extensive consultation, it's impossible to walk away with anything less than perfection.
Sure, we picked a lot in the East Village and Brooklyn, but we know there's tons more out there that can do mighty fine work in, oh say, Hell's Kitchen, perhaps? Brian Paul is recommended for tattoos that require small detail, and Kat Von D does stints a guest artist. If you have any other suggestions for other really great shops (or better yet, warnings for the bad ones), go ahead and leave them in the comments below.

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