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After the so called zero vision in the 90s, New York has became one of the safest cities in USA, even after dark. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is a famous cultural complex on the south part of Upper West Side, at Lincoln Square near Midtown. I have a special relationship to Lincoln Center since it was the first famous building I saw whilte approaching the city by bus a dark evening on my first NY trip in 1998. Alice Tully Hall is a modern annex to Lincoln Center, that features a striking design with glass and sharp angles.

Harperley Hall is an exclusive residential building on 41 Central Park West, Upper West Side. In the 70s New York was known as a crime ridden city that was very dangerous especially after dark, but large efforts by authorities have made most of the criminal gangs disappear. It is also nice to go up a tall building and look down on all lights of the skyscrapers, signs and traffic.
And because there are so many people around, even at night, it feels safe to move around in Manhattan, by foot or the subway.

Since Manhattan was the only borough we visited after dark I can't speak for the other ones, but crime rates have decreased heavily in all boroughs. There are also several other theaters in the complex, as well as cinemas, theater schools and restaurants.

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