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The first tattoo shops in New York City initially catered to seafarers who grabbed a haircut and some permanent ink in what is now the Financial District. During this era, the tattoo and barbershop often shared a storefront, leading to the appearance of barber poles. As far back as the medieval times, “barbers were more akin to surgeons than hairdressers, and provided much more than a simple shave and a haircut…they lanced abscesses, set bone fractures, picked lice from hair and even pulled rotten teeth.” By the 19th century, tattooists “fixed” your black eye while barbers continued their role as surgeons (not for too much longer).
Millie Hull was born in 1897, and later began her career in the circus as an exotic dancer. Charlie Wagner was New York’s most skilled and revolutionary tattoo artist of his day, plying his ink trade behind the partition of a “five-chair barber shop” on the Bowery, according to a 1943 New York Times article.
I had my first tattoo atage 15 years .My good friend Harry and I heard about Charlie Wagner when we were in the city .
Some may want to have a tattoo but do not want a lot of people to see may choose to apply a lower back tattoo design that will remain out of sight most of the time. There are still a stigma attached to tattoos blatant and some companies may have a problem if their employees have tattoos out in the open while waiting on customers, especially if the tattoo themes are uncertain. While men tend to get tattoos on their arms or legs is women who tend to get tattoos on their bodies in this sector. Some tattoo designs that can be located in this area are flower and the star patterns, special names in a border designed, decorative and floral designs and images simple and colorful tattoo that stretched across the lower back. Twenty years of community planning may finally transform the East Falls Riverfront Business District!
Next week, the two registered community organizations in East Falls (East Falls Forward and East Falls Community Council) are having a public meeting to see the design for Ridge Flats, a development planned for 4300 Ridge Avenue. The 1.6 acre parcel of land, commonly called “The Rivage” (the large fenced in lot located between Ridge Avenue and Kelly Drive at the Falls Bridge) will be an apartment building with retail on the first floor.
This is just what the East Falls community has planned — the plan by the developer, David Grasso, meets multiple goals set by the neighborhood. Almost twenty years ago, the neighborhood worked on a Riverfront Master Plan that anticipated development along the block.  Around the same time, the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) and Mayor Rendell bought the Rivage parcel at the request of then Councilman Michael Nutter. The EFDC worked with the PRA to develop a community input process to make sure that the site was developed to the benefit of the neighborhood.  We negotiated with the PRA to include community supported design requirements in the Request for Proposals (RFP), input into the selection process, and continuous and open communications. At every step of the way, the East Falls community, through the East Falls Community Council, participated in meetings and set the standards. Most recently, after the developers had submitted their proposals, the community again supported a development with apartments in the upper floors and retail on the first floor. One big concern that people have about development is that it will increase traffic problems.  East Falls is making the developer decrease traffic congestion.
The cause of congestion along Ridge Avenue at Calumet Street during rush hour is through-way commuters (those driving through the Falls, not local traffic or residents). Because the PRA was working with our neighborhood, it REQUIRED the developer to dedicate land and money toward addressing some of the traffic problems on Ridge Avenue. The Grasso development will have sufficient parking for the residents and the uses on the site. Come out to the joint meeting of East Falls Forward and East Falls Community Council on Wednesday, May 18, to see the design and express your opinion.  The design drawings are available at this link. Mo’s white but from an area of Germantown near the recently-imploded Queen Lane high-rise. And then they thanked each other for not being pussies, which perhaps really is the only way to end an honest conversation on race in East Falls. Kentucky Breakfast is a classic cult beer, made only once a year and served sparingly in goblets or sold at $20 or more for a four-pack — almost all of it within a few miles of the brewery. Last time this beer was promoted on Untappd, beer freaks quickly lined up until it literally ran out that day.
If you’ve been following the story online, this playground issue has a contentious history.
How big do you mean?  While they’re too early-on in the planning process to know for sure, Joyce is thinking an area from the turtle out to the benches, no bigger.
Unlikely voice 0f reason Meg Greenfield followed with a great point:  if people want passive space, we have Fairmount Park and the Wissahickon right here! Why not, indeed? From a purely marketing standpoint, a visible playground advertises an amenity highly sought by the active, engaged families we’d like to attract. Ever since it was announced in January 2015 that Pennrose Management Company would be developing the vacant plot of land at Ridge Ave.
There’s also been discussion about promises made as a result of the litigation around the redevelopment of Schuylkill Falls that was demolished about 20 years ago. I am sharing information (mostly stuff that I have shared as answers to questions on social media) in order to better inform the community and correct any misconceptions that some of our neighbors may have. Pennrose specializes in residential development and has developed more than 1,200 units of housing throughout Philadelphia, and more than 12,000 units nationally.  Pennrose’s design firm, WRT recently won a national Housing Award for the John C.
Why an apartment building?  Couldn’t we have houses built with subsidies and sold to new owners at reduced rates? The other half of the Pennrose units will have no income limits and will be for people with higher incomes and higher rents. In the Definitions section of the Agreement, the development was laid out as Phase I, Phase II and Phase III and referenced a development plan map. As proponents of a vibrant Riverfront Business District (RBD), we think an 80 or 90 unit apartment building will add new residents to the area, along with the other new apartments.  These residents will entice businesses to come to our area and help improve the RBD for everyone who wants better goods and services in East Falls. In an ideal world, that had limitless hours, I would be able to sit at each and everyone’s kitchen table to discuss your views of state government and to learn what you think the legislature’s priorities should be. The Town Halls are held at various locations around the district and we try to ensure that the locations are accessible by public transportation and are ADA compliant. The Town Halls are also periodically held mid-morning to accommodate those who aren’t available in the evening. This format works well in the winter time when there can be inclement weather that prevents safe travel. At all of the Town Halls we cover many topics- some easy and others more difficult topics, e.g. Attendees range in age from high schoolers and the occasional elementary school student to our most senior of citizens.
As one constituent commented- “Through her Town Hall meetings Pam keeps us informed about legislative issues as well as providing a forum for our feedback. Also, annually I host a “Voices of the Community” event where citizens of the 194th are invited to comment about their priorities on the proposed state budget. The Wissahickon curve on north end of the Henry Avenue Bridge’s straightaway claimed two lives on Sunday afternoon, May 1.
A northbound 2005 Mazda traveling crossed the center lane on the curve, striking a second vehicle traveling southbound.

Two off-duty police provided early assistance, along with other passersby, before emergency vehicles arrived.
A moving memorial appeared almost immediately, and has collected a variety of items: stuffed animals, candles, mass cards, balloons, peppermint lifesavers. Good news for the Rivage project as David Grasso shares new renderings in advance of this month’s joint zoning meeting. I haven’t had an injury or an accident or anything but for the last six months I’ve had a come-and-go ache in my back, particularly between my shoulders, neck, across the middle of my back.
The only thing I can think of is maybe it’s all the hours I’ve been putting in at my new job? It is located directly in front of us and is actually the distance of a comfortable arm’s reach. This usually leads to an imbalance of the spine which can lead to pain and degeneration if measures aren’t taken to counteract it.
I believe what you are describing is a repetitive strain of your neck and back associated with long hours of desk work and not enough specific physical activity such as strength training, yoga or anything in between. You also want to keep your computer screen at eye level and make sure you are not craning your neck forward, if possible. East Falls Forward’s general meeting for April shed light on why Redeemer would not be developed as a community space, as many wished. Why are we building new residential on the Redeemer Church property when we have plenty of homes here already that could be rehabbed? Carolyn explained that the church & daycare properties had been empty since 2010, with no buyers. Carolyn agrees with Noah, though: ideally, spaces like Redeemer should be repurposed for the whole community to enjoy.
One way to preserve our unique character unfortunately also fails to preserve a cherished convenience: eliminating required parking minimums.
Currently, though, Philadelphia is leading the way in loosening and even eliminating parking requirements. However, recent studies show Americans are leaving cars behind — the percentage of us holding drivers licenses has plummeted over the last decades, especially among the young. Distort demand for parking  Community requirements are often subjective & imprecise, based on perception or anecdotal evidence. Clog ZBA procedings  Developers appeal parking requirements, adding to project costs and overloading our already-swamped public office, slowing things down for everyone. What happens when you get rid of minimum parking requirements in a downtown district while also adding 4,500 people to the downtown? Many would suggest that adding so many people in a short time while removing parking minimums would be bad for businesses because parking spaces would be tougher to find. Requiring all new buildings to provide ample off-street parking spreads the city over a larger area, increases cost, reduces density and makes cars the default way to travel.
No one wants to say it, but medium & high-density housing slants towards lower-income residents, who tend to be more diverse. And maybe in the future, instead of required parking spots, developers like HOW will give tenants bikes transit passes instead of asphalt slots.
The exhibit covers two floors and about a hundred years, going from an 1854 gown from the Du Pont family that was popular with upper class brides shortly after Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, to a gown from the 1960’s.
Of course, we all know the story of our local princess, and her fairy-tale wedding to the dashing Prince Rainier of Monaco. A 60’s empire-waist profile with cascades of lace and a nifty removable jacket-like train. With shoulder bows! Speaking of:  when the exhibit first opened, there were three modern gowns by PhilaU design students that greeted you as you entered the door. My dog loves the car, and it was a beautiful day so I took her with me on some errands, leaving her in the car with the doors locked & the windows cracked while I picked up dry cleaning and dropped off packages at the mailbox, etc. I was a little longer in the supermarket than I’d intended, but certainly hadn’t left my dog more than 30 minutes, but when I returned to my car a woman was waiting for me to tell me what an irresponsible dog owner I was. It certainly wasn’t a hot day (in the 60s) Obviously, I didn’t stick around for the cops but now I am wondering what would’ve happened if I had.
Studies have also shown that leaving the windows cracked open does not help. Your car will still heat up to a dangerously high temperature. I have treated many dogs for heat stroke on days when the owner said it did not feel hot outside. If the weather is cold outside it may be ok to leave your dog alone in the car for a short period of time. Small breed dogs do not tolerate the cold well and their body temperature will decrease much more quickly as compared to a large breed dog. A couple of years ago a woman left her dog alone in her car in a Home Depot parking lot in south Philadelphia and her car was stolen with her dog inside.
The Health Department banned tattooing due to an alleged series of blood-borne Hepatitis-B cases linked to Coney Island tattoo parlors in the late 1950s. These storefront ornaments reflected the common belief that hair cutters were “doctors” of the days (blue – veins, red – blood, white – bandages). This entailed placing a hot towel on the injured eye to reduce the swelling, then adding leeches.
Simple – men looking for day work would most likely be passed over for a job if they had black eyes.Tattooists have moved on from fixing black eyes though permanent makeup (like eyeliner) is an option.
He essentially re-designed Thomas Edison’s electric pen to create this device that would change tattooing forever.
However, she was tattooed by Charles Wagner so often she eventually became known as the “tattooed lady.” By 1939 she owned her own shop called the Tattoo Emporium, which she shared with a barber and fellow tattoo artist. Men and women in New York City sought his talented hand from the 1890s up until his death in 1953. During this six-decade career, he even revamped O’Reilly’s groundbreaking tattoo machine and received his own patent in 1904 (#768,413).
A picture of lower back tattoo will remain under the edge of your shirt or blouse and is suitable for business people who may have to deal with the public daily. Most of the time for wearing low-rise jeans, thongs and bikinis that show off this area of ??the body all the time their not at work.
Many celebrities have this kind of tattoo that naturally tends to influence other young people who want to copy their idols.
The designs are usually very discreet and tastefully done, while some of them can be very colorful and striking. The concern was that this fantastic location might be squandered on a drive-through or other use that would not benefit the neighborhood. As his two-part response continued, though, Mo the Troll opened up about personal childhood trauma, and seemed to be struggling to reconcile his fears & memories with his progressive-minded peers. Murphy’s scores coveted keg of  Founders Breakfast Stout, a mythical beer that only appears once a year, and inspires a devoted following. Somehow, Mike Murphy pulled some strings to bring this legendary stout to our famous local dive bar.

2 beer made in America (behind the similarly powerful Dark Lord imperial stout from Indiana’s Three Floyds Brewing).
Mike’s deliberately keeping this special keg relatively quiet, to give us locals a chance to try it.
Joyce also offers why existing local playgrounds are not sufficient, supporting her case with maps & images. When Joyce finished her presentation and faced the audience for questions, a lot of us kinda braced for some fallout or backlash. What followed was a civil, polite Q&A with mostly open-minded neighbors not entirely against the idea of a small natural playground at McMichael Park. Joyce feels confident that the every generation of parents will take great care to honor their neighborhood park, especially one with a beloved play space.
That meeting will take place at Cathedral Village at 7pm and our special guest will be Secretary of Aging Teresa Osborne. The length is dictated by the audience not me. Constituents come from all parts of the district to participate providing a variety of input. Although the accident happened on a Sunday afternoon, traffic has been noticeably heavier since the closing of the Walnut Lane Bridge in April. Injured were the driver, a 25-year-old woman, a 7-week-old baby girl, a 23-year-old woman, and two boys, 4 and 5.
John Wilczynski commented that the use of seatbelts would likely have lessened the severity of injuries. No charges have been filed yet although Pennsylvania law requires children up to age 8 be restrained in either a car seat or booster (over 8, belted in). There is another set of drawings on the way, including renderings of the side facing Ridge Ave. Whether sitting in a car, on a couch, or at a computer, we may rarely reach outside of its boundaries.
Subluxations (segments of the spine which aren’t moving properly) can develop from holding desk work postures (or any posture for that matter) for lengthened periods of time.
A muscle releasing technique could also be used to break up the adhesions in the muscles that have been repetitively strained. In fact, the community expressed they’d prefer a commercial or public use for Redeemer, so when HOW first purchased the property, developer Gary Jonas tried to find a business at least for the first floor but was unable. Plus, she’s been watching the streets around Redeemer where she lives (without a driveway or garage), and feels there is easily room for drivers from the nine new apartments being built in the church.
Folks who come home at night have plenty of street parking, but they have to move their cars by 7 am — not a problem for most commuters, and even for folks not leaving for work, new spots start opening up at 6 am where they could leave a car all day.
Providing more parking encourages people to drive more, creating more demand for parking — an unsustainable cycle. Public transportation is less viable at lower densities; design-wise, parking requirements breed ugly blocks of first-floor garages.
Fargo, ND provides a compelling case study showing that downtown businesses can thrive under these circumstances.
Parking requirements also undermine public transit, making life harder for people who are too poor to own a car. Maybe some Handicapped parking spots could get factored into the re-design of Redeemer’s property?
Brides-to-be looking for maximum fairy tale in their gowns should check out the exhibit “The Swan: Grace Kelly and a Century of Bridal Fashion” at the Paul J.
She designed the skirt to pleat gracefully around the body, with a subtle train insert peeking out from underneath. She was just 26 when she gave up her Oscar-winning actor status and became Her Serene Highness, becoming perhaps the most famous East Fallser — but certainly not the only Philadelphian with an historically significant wedding gown.
I have owned dogs all my life, and have always thought of myself as a great dog owner, frankly, but now a recent encounter with a total stranger has me wondering.
In fact, she wasn’t waiting for me at all but had called the police to report animal abuse! Dogs that become overheated are at risk for dying or becoming severely ill from heat stroke. Tattooists catered to all kinds, but the Bowery was soldiers’ and sailors’ depraved heaven (and haven). In pursuing both trades, he quickly realized that tattooing was way more lucrative than hair-cutting. Many tattoo shops have begun to specialize in this type of tattoo work due to her popularity to get more women in their tattoo shops. The tattoo artists spend a lot of time perfecting their techniques so that they can do this kind of design very well. Some couples have matching designs tattoo design with the female at the bottom of the back and the design of the male somewhere else. That Halloween, a flyer appeared under their door, announcing trick-or-treating for the neighborhood would be a week earlier than the 31st.
Joyce feels ideally it’ll have the riskier features separate from where smaller children might play.
If we want PhillyU and Jefferson students considering East Falls long-term, we’ll need to make our awesomeness obvious. You’d have never guessed, though, they were made almost entirely from plastic bags, with hot glue guns and thread.
Caroline Patten provides some guidance about leaving your dog in the car in this month’s “Everything Pets” column.
After 20 minutes a car in 70 degree weather can reach an internal temperature of 99 degrees!
Assorted designs can symbolize their love or a special event in their lives they have commemorated with matching tattoos.
The full chocolate notes make it an obvious match for fruit and desserts, too (especially anything with nuts).
Carolyn’s not alone in her preference for a people-centered neighborhood, as opposed to one focused on cars.
Design is everything, and local councils have been known to approve some really bad designs. But to use the force of law to restrict what neighbors can do with their property — that crosses a line.

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