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This Journeyman comes with all the necessary components that one would need to start out tattooing. Hello there, a tracking email would have been sent to you, may have ended up in your spam box.
Hi there i was just wondering if you could assist me with answering a couple questions… is this tattoo kits anygood?? All of our Inkstar brand kits are great for beginners as that is what they are designed for. The ink that comes with this kit, like most entry level kits, is a low pigment one, which means while it may go into the skin easily, it will be prone to fading. We can ship to India but the shipping takes 8-13 business days to arrive there and will not be cheap, at least $60 to $80 depending on which kit you are ordering.
I Just Ordered Mine Yesterday & I Wouldd Like To Know What Happens If All The Equipment Is Not In The Package When It Comes? The warehouse staff is instructed to check all components before any tattoo kits leave the warehouse, they take a digital picture of the components before the re-sealing the box, so not to worry, it will all be in there.
Hildbrandt Afterlife Power Supply, run 2 machines off one powerful multi functional digital power supply. But if you are in advance stage of learning and would like a kit that you will be able to use on yourself or others, then any of our Hildbrandt kits will suit your need. Hi – Is shipping to (Namibia) possible and how can I be sure that I will receive the goods intact and in a good condition.Is there any guarantee?
This package comes with a sizable amount of the essential machines, equipment and supplies for you to start out. The Journeyman comes with 2 Inkstar brand machines: Diablo (10 wrap shader) and The Brute (8 wrap liner).
They are labelled as such to discourage people from buying a tattoo kit and attempting to tattoo themselves or others without proper training and practice. Speaking from an honest and realistic point of view, CR Jordan covers essential topics like machine building, sourcing of supplies, proper hygiene, machine setups, technique and much more.
The .38 Calibre is one of the standard tattoo machines that come with the Hildbrandt Tattoo Supply kits.
Despite the wide selection of bearing sizes, most artists that have used this rotary frame design tended to always go back to the 2mm.
We do have two house hold brands that are tailored to different stage of the art for customers looking to either learn the art or use the kit for professional use.

I do apologize due to a large amount of our package shipped to Namibia has gotten lost due to customs confiscation and thief, we no longer ship there. The machines are definitely of good quality, although I took the coils and springs off of the frame and replaced it with iron frames.
The Journeyman is the perfect learning platform that includes educational material, 2 professionally tuned machines and loads of supplies. These machines are powered by the Inkstar Voltz power supply, a rugged and reliable power supply.
A tattoo is permanent and without proper practice or a proper apprenticeship, no one should be tattooing themselves or others. Well written and complete with diagrams, this textbook is essential for anyone serious about getting into the trade. Factory setup as a 10 wrap liner, it is slow hitting and accurate just like the gun cartridge it was named after. The reason being that the 2mm was the most well rounded, suitable for both lining and shading. 7 colors: Scarlett Red, Lemon Yellow, Medium Green, Navy Blue, Dark Brown, Tribal Black and Super White. And if you are looking for quality material and will be tattoo humans instead of practice skins, then this kit would be your best bet. I was a bit confused when I opened it and there was a ball of black gloves that were not packaged, and unusable on humans, and you may want to rethink putting them in the kit so people dont think you can use them in the tattoo process.
Every component of this kit from the kind of tattoo machines to the assortment of needles is planned out by a crew of experienced artists. Connect the power supply to a machine via the included clip cord and power it using the included foot pedal.
Our kits are designed for practicing, that is why we include such warnings, learning material and practicing components. The larger you go, the less stable the machine, the smaller you go, the more likely the machine may cause the needle to snag the skin. In addition, we include the Hildbrandt Tattoo Training DVD, an asset to helping you learn the basics of the trade, the Tattoo Crash Course 101 Guide and the professionally produced Holy Flash 6000 tattoo flash design CD. The ink itself is composed of pigment, glycerin and alcohol (same with any other tattoo ink), these components are quite cheap on their own so there really is not reason to put anything unsafe in there to cut costs or anything. This is because even small variations in the diameter of the bearing resulted into big differences in the way the machine ran.

Also, in the case I was expecting a place to put the machines as so they don’t get bumped around.
The Inkstar brand name has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years as an excellent beginner to intermediate level equipment for aspiring tattoo artists. Check out great tattoos done by artists using Inkstar and Hildbrandt tattoo equipment!
Machine accessories include pack of O rings, black nipples, rubber bands and a machine adjustment kit.
This particular brand however is considered a low pigment ink so while it may go in the skin easily, it will be prone to fading and will not give the vibrant color that one would want in a tattoo. During the development of the 2nd version of the Beretta and Silencer, we wanted to maintain a difference in speed performance between the two models but did not want to overdo it.
The book was great, but the teach me to tattoo website was lacking and also was the video that came with the kit.
There is a 6 month warranty that covers all hardware for these kits, consumables are not covered.
This package comes complete with a TrueColor ink set, total of 8 colors: Blood Red, Blue Sky, Happy Orange, Grass Green, Bright Yellow, Very Purple, Crap Brown and Ultra White. For the ink, we include two bags of medium and small ink cups, put these inside the included gun metal ink cup holder. Just remember, customization is key to becoming a great artist, and finding your style of tattooing. Get some parts, experiment with coils springs and different tuning, and always keep learning. For tubes, the kit comes with 2 aluminum grips with tube stems, 12 disposable black tube tips that match the needles. Educational material includes the Hildbrandt Tattoo Training DVD, a comprehensive training DVD that will guide the learner towards understanding the concepts of tattooing and the Tattoo Crash Course 101 Guide that explains what the components of the kit does, troubleshooting problems advice, instructional info, etc… Tattoo supplies include 2 sheets of transfer paper, practice skin, 5 pairs of latex gloves, tips cleaning brush set, squeeze bottle, dual tip tattoo pen and disposable razor.
In addition to all this stuff you get the Hildbrandt VIP Membership 7% Discount Card, usable towards the purchase of additional supplies and equipment on our website.

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