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Published: 17.05.2014. Category: Tattoo Patterns

This entry was posted in Blog and tagged erotic romance, fashion, John Quinlan, model, romance cover model John Quinlan, tattoos, the most tattooed romance cover model in the world by Admin. I sincerely apologize to the entire NPC for being careless and irresponsible at the Brooklyn Grand Prix this past Saturday October 5th. The Most Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model in the World John Quinlan Signed 8×10 requested by Dzintra Sullivan and Book Friends Forever ?? Thank you for the love & support!
Couple pics here with my cousin Erik Buker and my oldest son Troy got in one of the pics, awesome! I wish in my heart like every competitor that comes up short in a show that I placed better in this one but seeing these 2 little guys and my 2 year old baby girl made this father feel much better.

I am so honored and humbled by this kind gesture, I promise I will try hard for all of you. I had just finished talking with bodybuilder Quesi Beaton when one of the guys came out and said one of the physique classes was starting. Careless because I just assumed the open physique was before the masters and I was class B so I just assumed class A was the one out there and I would come in then.
I always check the list on the wall and know the correct order, careless because I trained hard for 12 weeks, careless because I have too much respect for the NPC, irresponsible because I know better and just plain stupid because so many people believed in me and I let them down because of my own negligence.
When I finally did make it to the stage my lineup of guys in the Master’s Physique were already out there.

There will be more shows in the future and I appreciate Amy Puglise for being so nice when I contacted her about it.

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