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A Chattooga County mother and father are out of jail on bond Friday night after being arrested for tattooing six of their children. The couple was arrested in their Summerville home after the biological mother of two of the children complained when the tattoo wouldn't wash off. Investigators said a plastic pen body with a needle made of a guitar string connected to an electric motor was used to tattoo six children. Everett said five children got a cross like tattoo on their hands, the oldest boy, a tattoo of "mom and dad' on his arm. Sheriff Everett said investigators came after receiving a complaint from the biological mother of two of the children complaining about the tattoos. PattyJo Marsh admitted she and her husband -- 34-year-old Jacob Edwards -- tattooed their six children after inking themselves. Patty Marsh and her husband are charged with three counts each of illegal tattooing, second degree child cruelty and reckless conduct. Marsh said that "the guitar string that you use in the homemade gun we changed it out every time." Marsh said it was safe.

Marsh said DFACS removed the children from the home when the couple was arrested, but has since returned them. Police arrested Eugene Ashley and charged him with tattooing someone under the age of 18 in May of 2009.
The tattoo was discovered by workers from the Department of Family and Children Services after someone complained about conditions at the Ashley home. In addition to probation, Judge Tami Colston told Ashley he could have no contact with his son.
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Investigators went to the family's Summerville home after receiving a complaint from the biological mother of two of the children. The woman was supposed to testify but could not be found, making it very difficult to prosecute the case, Patterson said.
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