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The first thing that comes to the mind while thinking about the cool elephant tattoos is that not only they are attractive but also they give a very powerful look also that shows that elephants are one of the most powerful creatures in the world. Elephants are valued in so many different parts of the world which shows that they are considered to be important in many cultures.
This is one of the biggest parts of the body that can offer a lot of skin, that on which you can have the tattoo. If you sit, then you can know that there are different parts of your body that having a tattoo on will make it a statement for you. This is a real good place to have the tattoo, as you can show this to everyone that you have a elephant tattoo on such place. It is another great place to have the tattoo, you can try the different styles  of an elephant here and then go around and show people that you have an elephant at the back of your ear.
So there are a lot of options in cool elephant tattoos that you can easily choose from, you can add colors in our tattoos also if you like that, or having the tattoo in simple natural shades is also a good option to adopt.
One of the first things that a person can imagine while thinking of an elephant is its enormous size. The elephant tattoo ideas presented in this site not only allows you to beautify your overall look, they also serve as a vehicle to express your true, beautiful self. Elephant tattoos have deep symbolic value and can stand for wisdom, patience, prosperity and success.
Tribal elephant tattoo designs originating from the Native American, Haida and Polynesian traditions are the most popular ones, often symbolizing human’s link to the nature. Like other small tattoo designs, small elephant tattoos look good on one’s shoulder, foot or on the wrist. This variety of elephant tattoos are based on the Dali elephant pictures developed by Spanish artist Salvador Dali.

In these tattoos, the baby elephant pictures are often combined with the mother or a group of adult elephants. The tattoos feature only the head, trunk and tusks of an elephant rather than their whole bodies. Cute elephant tattoos are quite feminine with tattoo artists often designing these tattoos for their female clients. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Elephant tattoos are undoubtedly beautiful, however these designs are rather uncommon in the world of body artwork. This is because that the elephants are possessing immense strength and great power not only in appearance but also in figure and shape.
The good thing is that you can have a big sized picture of the elephants in this area, and you can also try to add the effects of the different landscapes on this also.
Other than that you can opt for having the tattoos on the knees, in such a way that it covers the face of the elephant also. You can have the tattoo on your fingers and inside your fingers , this is also one of the latest trends that are being follow right now.
They can also symbolize power, authority, benevolence, kindness, truth as well as love and compassion. If you look at the size of the species, elephant tattoo should be inked on the back of the body. Here are different varieties in this like as going for the colored ones or for the black and white ones, the choice is all yours. You can also get the tattoo on the back of your feet and on your thighs, as this will make the good posture of the standing elephant also.

Elephants are also a very popular motif for animal tattoos as they look very picturesque and beautiful. There are countless varieties of elephant tattoos including the tattoos based on the Hindu deity Ganesha that are believed to remove all obstacles and bring good luck to the wearer. They have been an essential part of many cultures across the world, such as those of Indian, Roman and the Greeks. When associated with the Indian culture, the elephant god Ganesha is an important tattoo with an important religious significance. Element is such an animal that give you power and sense of stability, it becomes one of popular tattoo ideas for girls and women, of course, it’s also good choice for men. These tattoos can signify various meanings such as gentleness, chastity, longevity, wisdom, patience, prosperity, creation, sexuality, determination, good luck and nobility. If you want to get an elephant tattoo, here is a collection I came across for your inspiration.
Elephant tattoos can come in a number of beautiful designs that can vary greatly in their size, design, structure, color and style. So perhaps a tattoo of these beautiful creatures will trigger awareness for their well being.

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